Ground Control to Major Tom….

Thought for the day:

Q: How can you tell the difference between when your body is in a
state of perfect relaxation and death?

A: You can’t.

Long day. 99% of it in meetings. Productive meetings, don’t get me wrong.
And meetings in The Nest, so we were sitting on couches for the whole day, but
a day of meetings nonetheless. Who the hell is the idiot who thinks up these
things? Oh yea, it was me. Created a lot of work for
people too, but none of them me. Oh well, I’ve still got work to do, don’t
get me wrong (especially if the boss reads this).

I hate Fox. I hate the producers and writers of Dark Angel! How dare they, how
fscking dare they get Max and Logan togeather…. almost. They kissed, with
real passion and all that, and were just about to get busy with it (bom,
chicka, bawh-whaw!) when her buddy that escaped interuppted them, and then she
gets captured (or at sitting on the ground surrounded by bad Manacore-dudes
waiting to be captured). Damn Those Bastards! I
know you have to continue the series and having it end all happy dries up
money for you (cause you have so little), but can’t for once we just have a
happy ending? This reminds me of the old Dawson’s Creek days.

Speaking of DC, the last one I happened to see (a couple of fridays ago) they
were all heading to the prom with their respective dates and everyone was kinda
sorta happy. By the end of the show Dawson’s older chick had broken up with
him, Pacey had broken up with Joey (he had some sort of issues) and only the
gay guy (forget his name) had found any sort of happiness as his relationship
had gone from a friendship not knowing what he wanted to an internal (and
external) admittance that he wanted this guy for more than a friend. I think
Pacey’s issues had to do with Joey still wanting Dawson, or Dawson Still
wanting Pacey, or something like that. Translation: I didn’t watch the show
for a year or more and it’s still pretty much exactly as I left it.