“Life without two-ply isn’t worth living!”

Well, a relatively busy last few days. Last friday I came home with a nasty
bug. Programming bug that is. Basically in one situation a function would
work just perfectly, and in another it would simply stop, no matter what I
did. So I got in and worked till about 2am on this. Next morning I slept in
till 2pm šŸ™‚ Man that was nice. Iambe and Engel were having a movie day of
“Evil Dead”, “Evil Dead 2”, and “Army of Darkness”. All hilarious, campy,
80’s “horror” (and I use that in the loosest definition of the word) movies.
That started around 4pm so I basically woke up, wandered around a bit and
vegged, then headed up to their place. It was a good time, 6 hours (plus a
couple more for watching Mallrats) of making fun of bad acting, bad special
effects, and plot holes šŸ™‚

Monday was a beautiful day spent up in squamish. I went with Lawrence, Cat5
and Cat5’s 2nd cousin from Denmark, who wanted to see what this thing was all
about. It was hot, sunny, and there were lots of people. We did some good
climbing, the one that made it all worth it was when I did the starting move
on a climb about 3 to the left of “Hot Cherry Bendover” on the bluffs. It was
rated at 5.7 and was indeed a nice handcrack, but the opening move…. well, I
think the ground was higher when it was first done. There was a semi nice
flake just in reach of my fingers, and a nice jug a little higher if a 2 foot
dyno (and sticking it) was possible. The problem was there was really nothing
for your feet. I ended up finding a tiny little pocket to stick a toe in,
then hauling hard up with both hands to the side, almost like a layback.
After a couple of tries I got it. That made me happy. Heading up “The Zip”
was sweet too, even though I didn’t feel as good as I used to (as far
as grace, etc). Made it up though, and have the signature scrapes just below
my left forefinger from the awsome finger jam just above the
crux. You know, the one where it’s perfectly angled so that your finger
slides in and gets caught (allowing you to pull up to the next hold of
course). Mmm… mmmm…. good!

I also worked on the bug from work on saturday, sunday, and monday nights.
Hell, I probably spent more time coding on the weekend than I did last week at
work! (ok, maybe not quite, but you know what I mean). When I finally dragged
the boss away from his meetings and stuff to see if he could throw any ideas
at it we finally figured it out. system() (and popen(), exec*(), etc) block
SIGCHLD. My sigchld handler was set up at the start of the program, and for
whatever reason it didn’t affect one case, but did the other. End result?
Many hours of coding, and the solution was to move one line down about 20
lines. Bah humbug.

Had a dream last night, or was it the night before? Night before I think.
Illiad was getting married and I had to get a new shirt (as none of the ones I
have/had fit me around the neck. So I went to a place that looked like a pet
store, with two olympic sized pools in the back (separated by a walkway) to
get one. The guy who was there almost strangled me when measuring my neck
with a tape measure. I came back to pick it up and got splashed by water, and
then a little later a matress flying from one pool to the other knocked me
into the water. I was getting late for the wedding (the amazingness and
non-realism of Illiad actually getting married aside) and I just sort of
ignored the fact that the shirt (and me for that matter) was wet. At the end
of the dream I was talking to someone and when I said goodbye I jumped into
the water of the pool (being cool and all that), doing a little flip and such.
I couldn’t get righted properly and get back to the surface though. I wasn’t
struggling or anything, it was just I guess that I didn’t
want to struggle (and look uncool) so I just sort of spireled
down towards the bottom of the pool. That’s about when I woke up.

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