“It’s where my heart is right now”

Yup, another long night. Just hacking some code right now for the morning
before heading to bed.

On my way home tonight I was listening to Rhona, a radio advice talkshow person and a
couple of memorable calls came in (abbreviated from some of the twisting that
Rhona had to do to get all the information out):

  • “I just called a guys mother to see if I could get his number. When I met
    him we ‘clicked’ and I walked over and told him I loved him and walked away.
    Of course I didn’t call right away, I waited two years.”

  • “When my boyfriend, who has a tendancy for going to jail, gets out of
    jail he wants to have anal sex with me. I’m wondering if this means that he’s
    having sex with men in jail.”

This is far too much wrong with the above people/situations to start here.
Maybe a job for Mynx.
Needless to say Rhona cut a strip into both of the above (female) callers,
especially the second one who when asked why she was with a looser who goes to
jail repeatedly for stealing, replied “yes I could do better, that’s where my
heart is right now” or some crap like that. Some people ya just want to smack
(and Rhona definately wanted to do that to this chick).