Re-run season sucks.

Ah, the Internet, what a wonderful thing you are. All I ever need is within
your slimy, corporate owned pages. All the smut, juice, and banner ads I
could ever imagine.

Thank $DEITY the internet isn’t only the web. Least we not forget IRC, NNTP,
gopher, archie (and friends), and other wonders such as smtp, uucp, pop3, and
other mail protocols.

I know and love you all.

What the hell was that. Heart of a poet perhaps, or maybe it’s U2 infecting
my soul with love for all, but I doubt it. had a good link to this page where a lady
by the name of Baddgrrl (probably named that because the domain “”
was already taken (see above rant regarding corporate bastards). Anyway, she
has (had) a phycho stalker, to whom she sweetly states (amongst other things)
at the end of the page:

“If you try to contact me in person I swear, have absolutely no doubt in your
mind that I will kick the living SHIT out of you.”

This is someone I can respect! Baddgrrl, if you ever read this, right

Today… today… what happened today? Tried to learn a little bit of GTK programming, and would have read a little
more of Xenocide if I could find that book somewhere. Read some Hacking
instead. Oh yea, saw dinosaur last night up at Iambe’s. it was
pretty good, typical disney movie, with some awsome CGI. I was less impressed
when I found out that all their backgrounds were not CGI, but rather the CGI
creatures were stuck in front of real life filmed locations in places like
austrailia, hawaii, and mexico. Oh well, I guess all dreams have to die
sometime eh?