Hack Not, Lest Ye Be Hacked

Ok, a night of rest was good! It was later than I thought (11:45) but I still
felt much better when I got up in the morning. So where was I.

Oh yea, looking forward to fixing more bugs and putting some new functionality
into my stuff today. There’s a lobster dinner thing that Silv is taking me to
for the rotary in ‘wack. Busy week. Out tues, wed, thurs (actually I didn’t,
but I was supposed to I thought), fri, sat (garden party at The Chief’s).
Hmm… ArcterMom’s birthday is coming up, better prepare for that too!

Oh yea, the “stuff fixed up” and “problems dealt with” refer to me finding
that my ftp site at arcterex.net was being
used as a warez repository for some folks in .be and .fr. If they hadn’t have
nuked an upload I might not have noticed for another day or so. A dirctory
in /incoming of ” “/” “/” ” was created, followed by the directories 1-9,
each containing directories 1-9, each with dirs 1-9, and each of
those with dirs 1-9 (that’s 4 layers folks). An interesting (and
obviously scripted) countermeasure, increasing the time it took me to get to
the “good stuff” by about 3.2 seconds. Anyway, they uploaded warez, mp3s (the
Eric Clapton album I was thinking “oh, they have taste then” was incomplete,
little bastards), movies (no pr0n unfortunately, only french commercials, and
lame looking ones at that) and the start of some divx movies. I was
considering screwing with them (substituting bo2k or virii for their warez) or
letting them continue, but nuking someone’s download is just not right.
Firewall filters went on, FTP site was reconfigured so anonymous users can’t
create directories, and all is well now 🙂

The funny thing is that now they are on my system again, this time
downloading, downloading, downloading 🙂 I wonder what the logs will say
about them trying to create directories. wavez and greetz to