Passing Through New West Like a Hot Burrito

Well, I’m sorry to say it, but the weekened mostly really sucked. Started
out with being sick Friday (some weird freak 36 hour cold thing (I feel much better
now though, thanks for asking)) and it really didn’t get any better.

My goals for this weekend were threefold.

  1. Sleep in and relax.
  2. Work on my PADI certification (starting module 3/5).
  3. Organize my MP3s.

Saturday I got to sleep in, and even started to do the 2nd and 3rd items on my
list…. then for some freak reason I reboot linux fux0red up. HD on
constantly, a load of 20, and I couldn’t kill the processes (even though the
system was responding just fine). So I left it until an upload I was waiting
for was done and rebooted to windows, did some work in there and rebooted back
to Linux. Fsck errors. A pissoff, but expected when you reboot with a
constant on HD. So I fix the errors (thank $DEITY my other partitions are
reiser!) and reboot to make sure everything is cool. “Kernel Panic. No init


I pass init=/bin/sh to the kernel. No luck. I pass other stuff. No
luck. I finally reboot into windows and use explore2fs to
see my linux / to see what is going on. The files are there,
and ok. Weird. Maybe the actual init file is fubar. Ok, copy in
the one from my system at work.

Now, I’m going to pause here for a moment and tell you about the dangers of
not heeding the warnings when software (such as explore2fs) tells you that
. Well, I didn’t heed it and thought to myself, “Ok, this guy
is just wanting to cover his ass if something does happen, but it’s
probably actually really ok.” Nope. Reboot to linux and now it’s not “no
init found” but rather weird directory entry error messages. So I reboot to
linux using a boot disk and run fsck on my /. Errors errors
errors. Remove that directory and copy my /sbin from work over. Reboot.
Same thing.


Luckily / is partitioned off from /usr, /var, /home,
/var/ftp/pub/mp3, etc and I decide the easiest way to get things done is to
just re-install. So I do, and basically spend the rest of the day rebuilding
things. This takes us to 12:30am Sunday morning when I go to bed.

Sunday. First, a quick review of the 3 things I wanted to do this weekend

  1. Sleep in and relax.
  2. Work on my PADI certification (starting module 3/5).
  3. Organize my MP3s.

8:30am a phone call from FFMom saying “come out to aunt so-and-so’s, she’s got
$160 boots and shoes for you for $20 a pair!” (aunt so-and-so gets rejects,
show model shoes and imperfect shoes from where she works apparently). I
didn’t learn the last time but we go. Turns out the offer of free shoes is to
get us out there so that we can help move aunt so-and-so from her trailer to
the one across the road (a literal 10 step walk). Guess who gets drafted to
work? Yup, you guessed it. At least I got to plug in the computer again
(never did check if I put the sound card cable in the right plug though…

So 1ish we head out and drop FFMom off at work and continue to find the place
were Firefly was going to do inventory while I go home and work on items 2 and
3. Well, guess who got guilted in to helping? Yup, you guessed it again. I
won’t bother describing the pain my back endured hunched over counting
sunflower seed packs, maxi pads, condoms, chocolate bars, pre-wrapped
sandwiches (“Do you think they make pre-wrapped bacon?”), antifreeze, and
motor oil. Needless to say it sucked. 6ish rolls along and we head out to
Yohimbe and WebDiva’s to participate in a going away party for Pommie, who is
heading back home in this age of tech-work-crap. We’ll miss you dude.

This takes me to present, 10-11pm-ish Sunday night. 0/3. Bah. I think I’ll
sleep now and see if tomorrow is any better. Oh wait, it’s Monday! Actually
it’s Sushi Monday so it can’t be all that bad, right?