Stranger Noises Than I Ever Imagined Coming From My Nose

Why did I know it was going to be another of those nights…. First,
yesturday, then this evening, then now.

Yesturday me and Firefly were talking about the long weekend. Basically three
things presented themselves as things that could be done.

  1. I suggested we drive up to Clinton for the day to see the SCA war that is going on there.
  2. The idea of driving to Edmonton to visit people was presented.
  3. The idea of flying to Edmonton to visit people was presented.
  4. The idea sitting around all weekend and relaxing, doing nothing, or
    at least, doing nothing of consequence.
  5. The compromise, where she gets a flight to Edmonton and I sit around
    doing nothing.

If you have to ask my friends, you’ll know that the final option was not the
one taken. Option #2 is good except that it’s basically a day of driving, a
day of “relaxing and visiting” and another day of driving. Not really fun.
Option #3 is far faster, but the cost of 2 plane tickets is far greater than
the gas required to drive. Additionally, you are limited transportation wise
when you get there. For one person the cost of a plane ticket vs. cost of gas
is a toss up, for two, it’s not really. Option #4 is good, but kind of a
waste of a long weekend (or at least all of it). I’m not sure the last
option was even considered 🙂

So I get home yesturday after a finger-ripping workout at the climbing gym
(mental note: put up pull-up bar somewhere in the apartment) to find Firefly
and Iambe sewing. “So what’s going on,” I ask. “We’re making garb for
Clinton,” they reply.



“Uh huh.”

Apparently the idea of heading up for the day to see the SCA nerds bashing
each other with swords had been transmogrified into “Lets get a bunch of
people and go camping for the weekend.” Now don’t get me wrong, I love
camping and all, and I love spending time with my friends. But I need
“downtime”. You know, that time that is spent just Doing Nothing. Sitting on
the couch reading, watching TV, even coding. As long as it’s in a comfortable
environment. But I figure, as long as I don’t have to do any work (Iambe and
Firefly and FireflyMomTheCrazyLady are doing all the garb making) that’s cool
(upon entering Iambe’s place I was told simply “Take off your pants and put
these on [garb pants]”. Uh huh.

My only stipulations for this whole excursion are a) We come back by sunday
night so that I have sunday night in my own bed and monday as my downtime and
b) If the weather is crappy we come home. I love camping, don’t get me wrong,
and if this were camping it could rain, snow, sleet and hail and I’d be fine
with it. However, this is not camping, this is going to Clinton to watch the
SCA geeks. I hope you can see the difference.

So that was yesturday (many thanks to my folks for the tent, stove, etc).

Tonight we headed out (from 3 to 9 somehow) to get indian food. Mm…….
naaaaaaaaan. Foz got his first taste of
indian after being given the slapdown everytime he wanted to try it till now.
Mmmmm….. naan…. Anyway, we eat well.

This brings me to now. After getting home I had a bit of a screamer of a
headache so I took some of the remaining Tylenol 3s and started organizing
MP3s. By 1:30am or so I was about ready to sleep (or so I thought). Head to
bed and discover my nose is stuffed up (much like last weekend). That sucks.
Lying on one side didn’t do anything either, except it was that that point I
discovered my stomach was doing gynastics in my gut and making some of the
coolest noises I’ve ever heard. Nowhere near falling asleep at this point.
Turning over creates pain in my gut as well as weird noises, and still no
movement on the stuffed up nose. I think at one point I was almost
asleep but a knock on the door (in a dream or somewhere faintly in the
building) brought me from that “I’m about ready to sleep” stage to “lying in
bed wide awake.” So now I’m here, typing like mad and sipping on a glass of
warm milk. I’m wondering if the T3s’ caffiene (to counteract the codine but
which never really works properly as I’ve seen) was working properly, or maybe
the Chai (or however it’s spelt) tea at the Indian food place was highly
caffinated. Or maybe it’s the spices, which I’ve never had a problem with
before, and I didn’t have anything really spicy anyway.

I’m in the M’s of my music though.

Aside: When I came out here I thought to myself “I wonder if Firefly put away
the stuff I put on the porch while unloading the car?” Apparently she thought
I did, and I thought she did, because not only was it all out there still, the
doggy bag full of Indian food destined to be my lunch tomorrow was ripped open
and investigated by some animal of some sort. That sucks.