I’d like to rename my kitten. I think a more appropriate name would be
something along the lines of “Psycho kitten, destroyer of sleep”. Actually,
might be more appropriate. The night before last she decided at 1:25 (just
after I got to bed after some late night hacking) that she was going to start
ripping around the house, playing with plastic bags, jumping on the bed,
jumping off the bed, jumping on the bed, jumping off the bed, playing with
cords, playing with plants, and generally doing whatever she could to destroy
my hopes for sleep. This kept up for literally an hour or more, as
the last time I remember looking at the clock it was 2:25am. I have no idea
what got into her, but it made me never want to have children, ever ever ever.
When she finally stopped I guess I managed to go to sleep, but that
was a hard morning. Lucky it wasn’t a workout morning.

Last night Zoon (the kitten) decided to make it up to me for keeping me awake
by racing around, and woke me up at 4am last night by licking me on the nose
and purring like mad. I guess I can’t hate her for that. Much.

The gym thing has been going well I think, I can’t see any real noticable
difference in me, but then again, I get to stare at my own ugly mug every
morning, and as far as I’m concerned I haven’t changed my appearance since
grade 7 or so. Or before then. Today Denise from work showed me and foz how to play squash, and it was lots of fun.
If we can get good rallies going I think it’ll be good… lots of nice short
bursts of energy, resulting in heart attacks and death (if lucky). Going to
the gym in the morning and then going to play squash at noon is
not recommended.

I hurt.