Today I saw a man driving his three lamps around

I just send this off to the wankers at
Columbia House:

Hi there.

First of all, please look in your records and change the prefix of “Alan
Bailward” from “Miss” to “Mr”.

Then secondly, please remove all evidence of the name alan bailward, and the
address [address] from your current, past and future mailings. I was a member for
about a year, and asked to be removed about six months ago. Since then, I have
received at least THREE mailings, two of the “you’re an ex member but here’s a
special deal” variety and one more today of the generic “sign up with us” variety.

I don’t want to be signed up anymore.
I don’t want to receive mail from you anymore.
I don’t want to receive special offers, exclusive offers, ex-member offers,
specially selected offers, bonus offers, or any other type of offers that you
are trying to send me.
I don’t want high ranking people in the company (ie: Mr Dennis Chandler,
Membership Director) to send me mail anymore.
I don’t want to have to deal with mail from columbia house in my mailbox ever

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that when someone resigns from a membership
that you RESPECT that resignation, and the implied request that they not be
bothered again do you?

If this is too much to ask, please let me know, or tell me who I can contact to
deal with this.



Just got back from the gym. I’ve been going pretty much every second day, and
going for a fast walk of 35-50 minutes every other day, despite evidence presented by K.
To satisfy her though, I’ve moved my warm-up run in the gym from a moderate paced
(6-6.8mph) 20 minute run to a higher intesity (7-8mph) run for 10 minutes. I
have yet to see either work however (diet diet diet, I know, I know). The walk
isn’t that bad, I’ve actually gotten to see some area right around me that I
didn’t know was there before. I’ve also moved from listening to music while
walking to spoken word/comedy/audio books. The problem with the stand up comedy
is that you have a tendancy to burst out laughing for no apparent reason,
scaring off nearby people.

The lan party last saturday was great. It actually even got moving quite
quickly thanks partly to Fred‘s router, which
gave us nice internet access and a DHCP server. Lots of gaming, lots of
gibbage, and thousands of megabytes of illegal and / or pirated
software and music 🙂

I cancelled my contract with the company I was working with a couple of days
ago. Their inability to get me things I needed (say, working source code,
makefiles, or even a full distribution of the GPL library they were asking me to
modify) made me decide <political> that it was in both our best interests
to dissolve our contract</political>

Been working on some other stuff for other people with Fozbaca and Engel though, we’ll see how that turns
out. I also have an interview with a company in Vancouver on Friday. Sounds
like they want to contract me out for my 31337 Linux skillz. They’re a small
company, privately owned, and the guy who answered my email was the main guy,
but it sounds interesting. A bit of contract work doing setup or something
would be cool, especially if I could work some security work in there as well.