“Make it come back!” — webdiva

First of all, mucho sorry for the lack of updates. I had something that I
wanted to tell everyone about, and wanted to make a separate page about it
before I said anything. Course, as I’m a slacker, it took me till now to get
the page done.

Anyway, remember that talk of hair a few days ago?
Well, I did it. Hit the all new super
wonderful awsome with clickable images hair page for the
full story.

That out of the way, a huge Happy Birthday to Firefly, of Relaxing Touch chair massage, who
turned an undisclosed youngness today.

Had a great party up at Iambe and Engel’s last Saturday, with lots of people.
One of the things that was supposed to go on was to talk about going to phase
two of the Ultimate Galaxy demo that
we finished. Sadly, my squid god friend and his wife didn’t arrive until the
party was well under way, so the “lets meet before things get going” turned into
“lets run away in the middle of the party”. This sucked, but had to be done.
Seems like most of the problems we had encountered and were there to get
resolved were, which is a Good Thing. Towards the end I stole off again, to go
for “just one drink” with K, tig, nateflex,
and a couple of others, as I wanted to talk fitness with the fitness freaks.
One drink turned into at least two pitchers being consumed (hint: not by me). I
did give my body and mind over to K and her bro to let them mold me into the
chisled god that I know is hiding inside me somewhere under the soft
marshmellowy coating. Nateflex is supposed to get a hold of me so I can wander
to the gym with him and let him show me how to work out “properly” (I think
that’s code for “hurt me and make me beg for mercy”), but alas no word yet. I
don’t really want to go to the gym without him, only because if I go in the
morning and do a workout, and he gets a hold of me at noon or something, that’d

Fred managed to get me some absolutely
awsome new hardware for ufies
which I’ve been… uhmm… burning in lately. I ripped apart my second windows
box (named Garfield) and put the new supermicro board, dual PIII
1.13Ghz chips and 512 megs of server quality ECC ram. Oh yea baby. The raid
card didn’t work out to work like we’d hoped, so it was replaced with a matrox
PCI ide card, allowing another four hard drives to be added to the system (and
allows me to put in a hot swap for the raid5 that is
currently running on it. The box cracked SETI@Home for a few days, and
gave me a good idea of what to expect and what was needed when I replace the
current system’s motherboard in a couple of days. Wish I could keep it for
myself though… man that’s a nice system, and seeing your kernel compile with
make -j3” makes me ponder selling a spare kidney for a sweet system
like that for myself 🙂

<rubs lint that has collected on his velcrohead>

Hmm….. 2am, bed time..

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