Catnip cures all ill wills

It’s the time of the year I hate. You know, the London Drugs book sale. They have $50 and $80
computer books marked at $6.99 or $9.99 or $19.99… awk! I went in there and
took a look through, and pulled myself out about $100 worth of books (Learning
Perl second edition (I don’t have a copy yet), Building Linux Clusters
(O’Reilly), C++ Speed and Footprint Optimizations, and one on SNMPv3)… when I
got to the checkout it turns out that all the books are on for 30% off….
damn them!

Having fun with the latest contract I’ve gotten… other than them wanting to
throw more work into the middle of an already moderately tight deadline it’s
given me a crash course in mod_perl and a
deep and loving appreciation for the eagle book.

Going through things to give to my parents garage sale effort, and throwing out
useless old crap as well, to lighten the load of the move (and to stop questions
from the friends I get to help move things like “why do you have 8 binders full
of blank paper?” and “why are you keeping the empty boxes for computer games
that were made in the early 90’s?”) and have found some interesting
things, from old letters, diaries (apparently I’ve been keeping this journal
far longer than I realized), stubs, drivers licenses, etc. Maybe I’ll use them
to create an autobiography someday.