“Ooooh, a schpanking!”

Had a weird one last night, don’t remember it all, but some of it.

A bunch of people, including me, firefly, and another girl from highschool were
at Whonnock Elementry school, or at least going by there. For those not
familiar with the area, the school sits at an intersection at the bottom of a
hill that would make the best moutain climber, hill walker, or cyclist cry out
in pain and horror. Anyway, we’re there, and for some reason we are going up
the hill. We go through the school property itself, and by doing so cut out the
a bunch of the hill (not sure how going up concreat steps is any better than
walking up the road though, but we were overjoyed anyway). This somehow cuts
off pretty much all of the hill. We’re walking along and the other girl (Tara?
Tami? Tracey? I remember she was one of the nose-in-the-air-oh-I’m-so-so-pretty
ones anyway, can’t put a name to her though) is carrying a blue container, the
kind you’d store juice or water in to go camping. I offer to give her a
hand carrying it, it turns out she has her dead uncle’s ashes in it.
No clue as to why of course. The nozzel is loose and doesn’t fit quite right
either, and somehow this thing aquired water and a hole, so after I carry it for
a bit I notice that I’m trailing a line watery ash along the road. I quickly
give it back to her. I think she said something about “this is my way” when I
asked why the heck she is carrying around her uncle like that.

We hit a school pretty quickly (which doesn’t exist) and while
I’m in there I see someone I recognize, Travis, an
old friend’s younger brother (though at this point he should be in University or
out of University, he was only a couple of years behind us), and a teacher that
knows me (except for the hair) and asks a bunch of weird
questions of me about my future (specifics remember I not).

Helped Brad move yesturday, and it went well. Because of when he got access to
the new place, and when he had to give access to his old place to the new
people, we had to move everything from his place to his in-laws for the night,
then yesturday move them from there to the new place. It all went well and
IMHO, rather quickly. Having about eight people there to lug boxes helped
though šŸ™‚ Now the unpacking will be fun for them! I’m actually looking forward
to the unpacking of our stuff, and the ability to put things exactly
where they belong, instead of the “where is there room” syndrome.

DVDs I Wish to Own Sometime in the Future

  • Lord of the Rings (the special edition coming out in November with the
    extra footage)
  • Spiderman (not out yet)
  • Super Troopers
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2
  • Mash Season 1

Weird Search Strings

The following showed up in my web logs as search strings
used to get to this page:

  • “carrie ann moss”
  • “jedi”
  • “kitten pictures”
  • “c tips”

    so far so good…
  • “frankie muniz naked”
  • “colonostomy”

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! Where do you people come from??