All Quiet On the Western Grunt

Well, I have been official accepted by the Self Employment Program! I had to get up earlier than normal for my run this morning (which sucked by the way… word to the wise, check the CD is in the case before you put it in your bag, or you’re bound to be dissapointed when you get to the gym), to get myself up and going for 9:30 (I actually had more time than I anticipated, but early is always better than late in my opinion).

I waited at the Community Futures office chatting with another guy who was there until it was my time to go in. I went in and made an awful speech that I wrote yesturday, introducing myself, and what I want to do, and why. After it was all over they asked a bunch of questions, punching holes in all the areas that I had glazed over (curses! foiled again). I left and chatted some with two other guys who were there to make their presentations as well (one with an interestingly innovative horse feeding device). A few minutes later I was told I was accepted, whoho!

Now that that is all over I can get back to work I guess 🙂

Tomorrow I get to go to a concert as well. Blue Rodeo is coming to town and I got myself a present for actually getting paid for my first job(s). Yohimbe and myself will be heading off sometime tomorrow to see them. I’m excited, this is only the second concert I’ve ever been to, the first being the Garth Brooks one where I got (through a twist of happy chances) second row tickets…. lets just say that sometimes arriving early, having seats waaaay in the back and looking pathetic can be good things.

The weather here is a bit odd. It’s warmed up considerably, there is no more need to scape the windshield in the morning, but in that it’s also gotten a bit rainy. It’s nice now, grey sky, no rain and around 12c. I suppose we have to pay for getting all that lovely sun over the last few months. At least it’s not snowing here yet (though it would make me feel less guilty about not being outside more).

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