I hope my arm heals quickly

Rex had gotten into a cute habit lately. He’ll come up beside my monitor and lie down, then make a couple of “er erh!” noises and roll over onto his back, looking at me with his paws up in front, like an upside down begging dog. As far as I know he’s asking me to rub his belly/chin/nose/head/ears, but I can’t be sure of course 🙂 He also will get so happy just lying there that he finds the need to start kneeding my arm (or hand if that’s closer) and he has some sharp claws. He also loves to be scritched with a hand, and where he lies, well, the closest hand is the one on the keyboard, so what is a cat to do but rub his hand against it. And if it’s already typing, well, that just means it’s making scritching motions without actually making contact with the cat, and we can’t have that now can we?

If you’ll excuse me now, a big black belly is being presented to me, so I’m off to scratch it.