Where the Hell is My Belt?

Well, now that my troubles on UFies are (mostly) all fixed, I can actually get down to work here. I used that time to set up a Dream Log to help separate the dreams I have off to another site. I was quite surprised at the number of wackos out there who have the same ideas that I have… one even blames his on late night pizza! The fool!

Notable links: 101 things you can do in mozilla (and not in IE, which has it’s own problems).

I’m on part 21 of 35 of the audiobook Wizard and Glass (the fourth in Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series). That means there are approximately 630 minutes left (ten hours). In theory, that means I’ll get done today or tomorrow. Nifty.

Today is day three of a week of going to the gym in the morning. I feel I’ve been slacking, and have plateued a bit in weight loss, so instead of going every second day, or mostly every second day, this week is going to be every day. Seems pretty good so far!

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