Wet Socks Just Add To It All

What a horrible day. I think my love affair with debian is growing to a close. I made the mistake of updating ufies.org this morning you see. New libc6, new perl, new libdb, new php, etc.

Lots of broken stuff. I spent (am spending) most of the day (and probably some of the night as well), fixing webmail, fixing various weblogs that are broken due to the libdb upgrade, fixing the php that prevented apache from starting, and other things. If I was smart I’d have stayed with the testing or stable tree for a production server, but no, you can’t do that and have relatively new package versions, so I went unstable. Argh.

It seems like the only thing that’s left that I have control over is the weblog database problem. I’ve been working on that, comparing files, writing scripts, all fscking day. Now I’m not saying that a distro that forces you to re-install every new version is any better, or a compile from source one like I use at home, but there’s gotta be something out there that lets you get relatively new programs without the danger of losing a day to screwing around to fix all the busted stuff.

On a side note, anyone got any old hardware they want to donate to my little fishbowl server here? It’s running a p133 with 64megs ram right now, and that’s a little pokey. If someone has a decently fast p1 chip and/or Motherboard, I’d sure appreciate it!

One Comment on “Wet Socks Just Add To It All”

  1. You didn’t mention which Debian you’re running?
    If unstable, I’m not surprised. Don’t do that.
    If testing, I’m surprised. None of my 7 machines have seen those problems and they have a ton of stuff installed.