Hanging Penguins

More funky dreams last night, but I’ll leave those until I get a /dreams section set up. I’m sure there will be much waiting in anticipation.

I wonder why I bother getting water for myself anymore. I have gotten in the habit of putting it beside me, not in front of me where it’s easily accessable, so that when the cats invariably come up and drink from my glass their big asses aren’t in front of the monitor. As Firefly says, Rex makes a better door than a window. By the time I actually get to the water it has gone down considerably in the glass. It’s gotten bad enough that in addition to their water bowl on the floor, I also put a glass with water in it, to distract them from drinking out of peoples glasses (these of course, hold the best tasting water I’m sure…).

Relaxing day yesturday. My folks got back from their adventures in Mexico amid the hurricane, and had a great time. We had a good dinner there, and then headed home. On the way through I stopped at dragon’s place, and snarfed some computer bits.

The day before yesterday I came back to the office and tried to switch to my windows box by KVM, and got nothing. I checked the cables and then noticed that there were no lights on the front of the box. A bit of investigation revealed that the power supply had died an untimly death 🙁 Dragon had a spare though, and was kind enough to donate that to me. I also got some ram from him, 64 megs of Sun 72pin RAM which will hopefully fit in fishbowl, the arcterex.net webserver. It’s been running with 48megs of ram for the last, well, many years (it’s a little p133), but the addition of movable type has it lagging a bit, at least in the administration functions. We’ll see if an extra few megs helps at all.

What I’d love to do is set it up so that I get a new MB, CPU and ram for my main workstation (say, a dual AMD xp2600 or something, with DDR266 ram), move my current workstation to the windows box (and turn it into a k7-900), and move the windows box innards to fishbowl, to make it a cel-533. Oh well, when I’ve got lots of $$ I suppose. I don’t need to make any of these changes of course, but it’s one of those “nice to have” things. I’ll probably wait until Doom III comes out (coughleakedalphainalt.binaries.games.worms*cough*) , to figure out what sort of a video card would go best with it 🙂 Priorities you know!

Speaking of downloading files off of usenet, I finally figured out how to deal with those PAR, P01, P02… files that comes with files sometimes…. head out and get parchive and use it to recover missing archive files (windows, linux, and mac versions available).

Regarding Silverstr‘s comments on email versus comments, well, I totally agree, comments are far less personal than email, but I don’t get a whole lot of email about my stuff 🙂 Course, I’m not getting a ton of comments yet either, and it’s easy to turn off comments as well. Who knows how this will turn out 🙂

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  1. First POST!
    I rock.
    Oh wait… this isn’t slashdot.
    Some witty comment would go here if I cared to. “We’ll see how it goes.”