Good to the Last Arcterex

Well, just doing a bit of surfing and found an Advertising Slogan Generator. Amusing to play with, and put in different words for.

Today was more training. We went from marketting yesterday to advertising and accounting today. I’m learning lots, but I couldn’t help think back to my accounting classes at UCFV when they started going on about assets, liabilities, fixed assets, depreciation and all that rot. Reminded me that I like the work part of work, not the company bit that surrounds it. Oh well, they all fit together in the end for good in the end!

I have to admit now that I’m a business owner I understand my ex-boss and his crazyness a bit better, and why he got excited about things sometimes that I just didn’t care about, and why he made some of the choices he did.

After class I refrained from hitting the gym again, but instead hit the bank and did a bit of shopping before coming home and vegging for a bit in front of some taped Third Watch.

Now heading back to my ASP project.

2 Comments on “Good to the Last Arcterex”

  1. The “Advertising Slogan Generator” is hilarious!
    Here’s a few of the keepers:
    “I Bet He Drinks Jane”, “The Jane That Eats Like A Meal”, “Jane – Australian for Beer”