I’m old now

Well, I guess technically I have until 5:30pm PST, but still, it’s past midnight, so I’m on the right date now.

Not surprisingly, I don’t feel that different.

Had some people over. I was a bit worried, as it seemed like most who I invited either had other things, couldn’t or whatever, but while it took a few hours, we did fill up the living room with friends, food, and cheesy 80’s horror/sci-fi movies the likes you really don’t want to see. I thank all that did come out for the November birthday party, and to those who couldn’t, don’t worry, there’ll be a LAN party soon 🙂

Mental note: call granny in England and say hi to her.

Finally remembered the band that opened the Blue Rodeo Concert. They are called “The Sadies and I wholly recommend grabbing their music to check out, or finding a place to grab a CD. If you get a chance to see them, do. Their home page has some sample MP3s on it.

Now I’m yawning my head off, and think that it’s time to hit the hay for a well deserved rest and a long sleep… I am not getting up early tomorrow!

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