No Longer Naked


p>Wow, I did not expect that. Cat5, my fiend and cohort bestowed upon me the birthday gift of a lovery computer case! Dude, you rock, thank you so much. He had to run out on me soon after, but about 15 minutes after he left, went down for a bit, bits from the top of the desk were thrown into said case, reassembled, and turned on.

Of course it didn’t work quite rght, and just beeped and sat there.

However, with a bit of percussive maintenance on the video card it booted up into the box you see before you. Ehrm… well, imagine a nice case with a blue bit o the front sitting under my desk on the left. I’d have put it on the right you see, but that side already has three boxes there, so it’s going to stay on the left in case that leg gets cold.

The case is a nice one from <a href=”>Phase 1, with hard drive bays all the way down the front and room for two fans side by side at the front. The box will probably aquire a couple of fans on monday 🙂 Probably in the next week or so (free time and all that) stuff from fishbowl will be moved over, hard drives wiped and made available for things, and the box itself retired to the storage room. Having a spare box for one of those “just in case” times is always good, and one that is pre-assembled is even better!

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