Shaw Loves Me!

First of all, for all those Trading Spaces fans out there, I came across the the truth about the show in an article on salon. Interesting stuff.

Today I met with Bev from Community Futures to talk about business names. As I said before, no one can spell or pronounce “Arcterex”, so having a company named Arcterex Consulting violates the “Is the name easy to spell and pronounce” rule. So I talked to her for a while, and to be honest, it was quite demoralizing. She kept on asking all these questions like “what sets you apart from everyone else” which while I think I know the answer to, I don’t, you know? Almost made me want to re-evaluate what the heck I was doing.


Basically it means I have to sit down and figure out exactly where I am for positioning, and what exactly I do better than anyone else (at least in words).

In other news, I finally got The Call from Shaw that Fozbaca and a couple of others have gotten. The “your upstream usage levels seem to be a little high sir” call. Something about violation of their acceptable use policy. They didn’t shut off my service to get my attention though, but I am expecting that for next month when nothing changes.

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