Shaw Loves Me!

First of all, for all those Trading Spaces fans out there, I came across the the truth about the show in an article on salon. Interesting stuff.

Today I met with Bev from Community Futures to talk about business names. As I said before, no one can spell or pronounce “Arcterex”, so having a company named Arcterex Consulting violates the “Is the name easy to spell and pronounce” rule. So I talked to her for a while, and to be honest, it was quite demoralizing. She kept on asking all these questions like “what sets you apart from everyone else” which while I think I know the answer to, I don’t, you know? Almost made me want to re-evaluate what the heck I was doing.


Basically it means I have to sit down and figure out exactly where I am for positioning, and what exactly I do better than anyone else (at least in words).

In other news, I finally got The Call from Shaw that Fozbaca and a couple of others have gotten. The “your upstream usage levels seem to be a little high sir” call. Something about violation of their acceptable use policy. They didn’t shut off my service to get my attention though, but I am expecting that for next month when nothing changes.

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2 Comments on “Shaw Loves Me!”

  1. Any idea what your upstream usage is like? Perhaps we could shuffle systems from one location to another or something like that?

  2. I’ve always wondered when I was going to get that phone call, but only for my downloading, my upstream is nothing.