How To Have An Affair

Disclaimer: Ever notice how strange random thoughts appear, and even though they are really really wrong, they’re still good?

Firefly came up with the first idea, in a round about way, which is to pretend to become a health nut to hide an affair. What better excuse for when you come home all sweaty and out of breath? Coming home late after work? “just hit the gym on the way home dear!” For women, if you have a man on the side and his name is Jim, you can be even truthful.

The other one was mine, and that was to hide love-emails as spam. Hell, I get several of these every couple of days! Just make sure that you and the person you’re corresponding with put your name in capitals (“Dear ARCTEREX…”) and no matter what it says, you can always defend yourself to your partner with “but it’s spam! I get it all the time.”

Note: I would not endorse such horrible and underhanded methods, and do not approve of such behaviour at all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the gym….

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