Those Bastards!

What is this crap with my Community Futures who is apparently the person to talk to about this sort of thing. I will adamently reject names like “A-1 Computer Consulting” though 🙂

The ASP project goes on, with me realizeing more and more how different the GUI world is from the command line world. You really have to change your mental state when you design a query in a GUI tool. It’s very much like how you have to change your mental state when moving from crack climbing to slab and vice-versa.

Oh for want of a digital camera… there is an absolutely gorgeous sunset right now, with pale blue sky on top, meshing with bright red all along the horizon. Glad I’ve got an office with a window 🙂

One Comment on “Those Bastards!”

  1. Now, I know what angle that slab is, but wouldn’t it be a bit more impressive if you flipped the picture over? You know, so that it is the right way up?