Welcome to a New Server!

Welcome to naked my friends. I got off my butt (due to a desire to put some words down) and fixed the remaining problems (with the gallery), transfered all the files over, reset the firewall, and voila, you’re now connecting to a pile of computer parts, sans-case, beside me, instead of an innocuous little box under the desk next to firefly. Ohhh…. ahhhh.

Ok, so it’s not a big deal, but now I guess I gotta leave it turned on more huh? That’s ok I guess, one of these months I’ll pick up a cheap-ass ATX case and fill it with bits. Not sure what I’ll do with fishbowl after that though. I might move his drives over and move his functionality to the new box, then retire him as a spare system, or just leave him as is.

Anyway, no more worrying about not being able to update without throwing the website out of sync 🙂

One Comment on “Welcome to a New Server!”

  1. I’d gladly give you one of the many spare cases I have around… but they’re probably useless since they are all either AT style or some strange IBM form factor ;-(