As it is my birthday coming up, as well as christmas of course, I figured I’d throw up a “wouldn’t it be great if…” list up. Beware, reality factor is low, I repeat, low.

  • Big hard drive… and I’m talking big, for movies and songs and stuff…. big and fast, like, 300G or something.
  • System upgrade for my main box, maybe a dual AMD 2400xp, board, 266 ram and a new video card, whatever the most expensive nvidia card is probably (though I’ll wait till Doom 3 is actually released for all this most likely).
  • Scanner
  • Digital Camera (kinda invalidating the above (unless you’re scanning old family photos of course))
  • Jogging pants to wear around the house (someone stole mine).
  • Slippers, as mine have big holes in the bottoms now…. I’m sure there are some Monsters Inc big blue guy slippers somewhere, how could Disney ignore such a wonderful marketting opportunity!?
  • Blank CDs, 700meg/80min, silver+gold in a 100 pack, or 4 (curse you stupid CD tax!)
  • DVDs

    • Episode 2 (widescreen)
    • Lord of the Rings (4 disk set)
    • Spiderman (collectors edition)
    • Blade II
    • Episode 1 (widescreen of course)
    • Buffy Season 2
    • CSI Season 1
    • 24
    • All the James Bonds ever, cause Bond is my hero
    • Spiderman (mentioned again only because he is my hero as well)

  • Ongoing work that’ll pay me gobs of money indefinately
  • Someone to pay my rent and car payments until I win the lottery (told you reality factor was low).

My cat is bitching that I’m not in bed yet, so that’ll go.

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