10 Reasons to Hate Christmas Shopping

Maybe not 10 exactly, but I just got back from hell (the mall) from some christmas shopping. I have to agree with Silverstr, Christmas is overly commercialised and has lost pretty much any meaning, and is instead the best time of year for merchants.

We still take part though.

So I spent more money today than I have in a week, not that that’s saying much, I’ve been froogle boy lately. But today I braved the traffic, idiots, and bustling crowds and the fools jumping out in front of cars. Some shopping got done, not all, but enough to be happy that some of it is over. Of course, as it approaches the 24th it will get even worse.

Things to hate:

  • Salespeople who flock to you out of every department you pass asking if they can help you with anything. Personally I think I could make millions by producing a hat with a big flashing sign saying “no thanks, just browsing”.
  • Parking lots…. man, I don’t care if I’m parking at the farthes corner, just get me there without killing anyone.
  • Ever notice that the christmas season brings out peoples (my) desire to kill others? Strange isn’t it.
  • More I can’t think of right now, due to mentally blocking out the experience.

I’m home now, presents safely hidden away, a cat draped over the back of my chair over my shoulder, and a mug of tea in my hand. Now that’s Christmas.

4 Comments on “10 Reasons to Hate Christmas Shopping”

  1. Your last paragraph is the comforts of the holidays. Its being done, snuggling with a warm tea and enjoying the company of others.
    With this season so commercialized, I have learned one thing about myself, and others for that matter.
    The richest person is not who has the most, but who needs the least.
    Of course merchants don’t want to hear this, but I am so happy for my friends, my health and the fact I don’t live in Iraq or the US.
    Happy Holidays to you dude. Hope next year will be better than the last, and you continue with great health, friends and the love of your wacky cats and Andrea.
    P.S> Raskal… I want some of yer drugs 😛 Happy Holidays to you, Sue and the kids.

  2. oh crap, silverstr, if yer gunna get serious on us here….
    First off, you don’t want the NEED for my drugs… lets put it this way, I don’t wish this on Terry! That’s how bad this is 🙂 My health has gone in the toilet this year. I have 2 herniated discs in my back, one broken finger and fluid buildup in my thumb that makes it almost too weak to type. I have blinding headaches most every day, some of them last for 3 days straight. And of course there is that now 3 year fight with depression… But next year is going to be better, I hope.
    I still consider myself to be very lucky. My wonderful wife has stood beside me through all of this and I have a wonderful family. Sue, the kids, the 2 cats, the dog and the 2 guinea pigs and I wish everyone a very happy christmas and the very best for the next year!

  3. I finished xmas shopping a week ago, and this is the first year ever that I won’t be shopping during the last week….. I LOVE it!! The stress level from last week to this is very noticible to me as I see others running around. I’m much calmer this year and I believe it’s because I’ve done all my shopping earlier… or it could be the drugs… who is to know?

  4. Monday morning. That is when I tried to get most of mine done and it was less busy than a Saturday afternoon in July. But damn. I forgot one thing… ARG.. time to go back.;)