10 Reasons to Hate Christmas Shopping

Maybe not 10 exactly, but I just got back from hell (the mall) from some christmas shopping. I have to agree with Silverstr, Christmas is overly commercialised and has lost pretty much any meaning, and is instead the best time of year for merchants.

We still take part though.

So I spent more money today than I have in a week, not that that’s saying much, I’ve been froogle boy lately. But today I braved the traffic, idiots, and bustling crowds and the fools jumping out in front of cars. Some shopping got done, not all, but enough to be happy that some of it is over. Of course, as it approaches the 24th it will get even worse.

Things to hate:

  • Salespeople who flock to you out of every department you pass asking if they can help you with anything. Personally I think I could make millions by producing a hat with a big flashing sign saying “no thanks, just browsing”.
  • Parking lots…. man, I don’t care if I’m parking at the farthes corner, just get me there without killing anyone.
  • Ever notice that the christmas season brings out peoples (my) desire to kill others? Strange isn’t it.
  • More I can’t think of right now, due to mentally blocking out the experience.

I’m home now, presents safely hidden away, a cat draped over the back of my chair over my shoulder, and a mug of tea in my hand. Now that’s Christmas.

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