Jabber ICQ Up

Was up till 2am last night writing and playing quake. Slept like a log till 8:30 when I got up and did some work on the elliptical trainer at the gym, then home for a protein loaded round of scrambled eggs and a bit of vegging.

In the afternoon we went out to my friend Sean’s place for a Christmas party, food and folks galore. Ended up watching Men With Brooms (a not too terrible Canadian comedy about curling), then headed home. Derf bestowed upon me not only some swanky new RAM for the UFies server, but a sweet hard drive for me to fill to the gills with music, porn and movies! Thanks hugely dude!

Homecoming saw a cup of tea, just what the doctor ordered, and a bit of mucking around on the computer. On that note…

Yay! My jabber server is back up and relatively stable, and the ICQ plugin is in now as well, meaning I can actually communicate by instant message to people again! Looks like the latest update to debian unstable (and probably libc6 in particular) did the trick. The MSN transport still isn’t working, but 1/2 isn’t bad….

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