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  1. Can someone tell me the signs of a cat in heat? My cat is acting really funny and it’s like her back legs hurt her or something b/c she’s squatting on them alot and crying?

  2. MY cat is around 5 months old and she is in heat right now, we didn’t expect this until later and it’s driving us crazy! And were told that we can’t get her fixed until after his cycle is over is this true?
    regards Kait

  3. My cat is doing the same thing, and I cannot seem to find any place with an answer..have you?

  4. you can get your cat fixed while it is in heat but it will cost more..I also have a cat in heat and she has been that way for almost three weeks..I hope she is done soon as no one is getting much sleep around here

  5. Our cat is in heat for the first time. Is there anything my husband and I can do? She is driving us CRAZY !!!

  6. My cat is 6 months old and is in heat. I have caught her urinating on clothes and stuff. Is this normal when a cat is in heat? If I get her spayed will this stop?

  7. My cat is in heat and we also have a male cat. We do not want them to mate so we have them seperated. It has been 3 days. Is it safe to put them back to gether? We have an appt. next week to get them both fixed. But was wondering if we should keep them apart till then?

  8. my female cat is in heat and we have an appt. next month at the beginning of the month and at the end (thats two different appts. to get spayed) because i dont know when the cycle will end because shes in heat so often . Does anyone know how long a cats cycle lasts?

  9. My kitten is in heat early (5 months) and my mom and I were wondering if there is anything we can do to make her feel more comfortable…!?

  10. My kitten is in heat early (5 months) and my mom and I were wondering if there is anything we can do to make her feel more comfortable…!?

  11. My kitty seems to urinate when in heat. I noticed someone else made the same comment about their cat. Is this normal? Is this her way of “relieving” herself in a sexual way?

  12. I was wondering how long my little kittah’s heat cycle will last??????
    Also is there anything I can do to sooth her, she sounds like she’s in some major pain????
    Also Do you know of any organizations that will do the spaying procedure for cheaper than a vet???(like the humane society or something?)

  13. i think my cat is in heat. it sits around making wierd noises and seems like it is presenting itself to the dog sometimes. she has been doing this on and off for about a month now. how long does it last?

  14. My 17 month old kitty has been spayed supposedly. Was told if they were spayed too early that they could mistake fat tissue for ovarian tissue. My kitty has been acting just like everyone else’s listed here! The only problem is that she and her sister both have a urinary tract infection. Wondering if the UTI can also cause the same behavior? She has been urinating outside of the box and even right in front of me!! The howling is about to drive me crazy!! I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong for almost 3 months. She’s been taking meds for the UTI. Wondering if she shouldn’t just be spayed again? Or they actually call it exploratory surger at this point. Has anyone else had this experience or these problems at the same time??

  15. about 4 weeks ago my cat went into her first heat, then about 2 weeks later it seemed to be over. or so we thought. it came right back 2 or 3 days later! she is driving us nuts!!! she is still in heat. she got out our door the other day and we did find her, we knew that ase had to have been with a male cat, but thats been 3 days ago since we found her and she’s still doing it. any suggestions? We dont have much money and it costs so much to get them fixed.

  16. My cat is in heat and she is driving us crazy. I thought maybe she was sick but my husband said that she was in heat. Is there anything we can do besides getting her spayed? And please tell me how long does it last.

  17. I have a five month kitten and she won’t shut up. This is my first cat and she is driving me nuts. so how do i keep her from whinning?

  18. I have a male cat who is in heat and is urinating on blankets and on the floor. When do I become worried that he may have a urinary tract infection vs. just being in heat?

  19. I have taken in a stray cat that has had two kittens. The kittens are healthy and well cared for by their mother. They are a week and a half old. The mother cat has started acting like she is in heat. Is this possible? I want to get her spayed but I don’t dare do it until the kittens are older, right? Help!!

  20. I find it amusing that the people who have put there concernes about there pussie cats on the web, to hopefully get some pease of mind, that there cat is not going to turn into some kind of wilder-beast or get sick or die. I am a first time cat owner myself and even I can see that a cat is more like a woman with here periods.Its the same bloody thing!. dont get me wrong, I love my puss more than my wife, but at the end of the day, cats have been doing what they do long befor us. And the are bloody good at it!.

  21. my cat is 6 months and is in heat, is there anything i can do to make it go away or get better besideshaving her spayed

  22. I also have a cat that is in heat she is 6 months old and boy did that surprize me, is there anything I can do to make her feel better.

  23. I have a female cat that is a year old and is in heat. Her crying is keeping me and my kids up at night. I don’t have the money right now to get her spayed. Is there anything else I could do until I get the cash?

  24. I have a female cat that is a year old and is in heat. Her crying is keeping me and my kids up at night. I don’t have the money right now to get her spayed. Is there anything else I could do until I get the cash?

  25. My cat had kittens a week ago and I want to get her spayed but I think she maybe in heat again. Do they normally go in heat again so soon?

  26. My new kitten is 6 months old and is in heat…
    I have an appointment for her to be spayed this Friday. My other cat was also spayed when she was in heat – but that was in Japan so I called the vet today to make sure that they could still do it this week. The vet assured me that a cat can be spayed even when in heat – at no additional charge. He did said that dogs can’t be spayed when in heat.
    At any rate, I found this site because I too was trying to find if there was a way to “comfort” poor Lucy so that we can sleep.

  27. My cat follows us around squatting and meowing. I am at my wits end. It is verrrrrrrrrrrrrry annoying, Is there any way in this god given world to quite this hot to squat little pain in my neck?

  28. I adopted a cat earlier this year and was told by Bide-A-Wee that she had been spayed. Well she went into heat two weeks after I brought her home and took her back to shelter. They did find some additional ovarian tissue in her and operated again a month ago and said they had gotten all of it htis time. Weel, three days ago she went into heat again and today on day four is still going strong. Has anyone ever experienced this and if so what did you do. Could it be hormonal and is there anything that can be done for her. For all of us it is a nightmere because no one is getting any sleep. Help!

  29. Hey there, I have a kitten whose been in heat when she was 4 months, we were told that’s the youngest the vet had for a tabby (female).
    WOW! She was only in heat for a short time then. Now she’s 7 months, she’s been in heat for almost a week. Next week we will get her spayed to put her out of her misery. She’s rubbing her butt against our sheets, carpet, my fiancee’s arm (and literally she LOVES him more than me) -Such relief on my part. Only prob is, he’s the one working during the week, while I work weekends.Meow all night long.
    On another note: Once the cat is spayed, she will be a happy camper and so will you.
    Note about the two cats not spayed (KEEP THEM APART until their appointments-you may have 6 bundles of joy instead of 2 cats if you don’t.)
    Take Care

  30. This message is for Michelle.
    I believe the problem you underwent was the fact, “What they said, obviously they didn’t do the first nor second time”. I don’t believe this is a hormonal thing. Usually cats will experience things.
    Now if the vet told you that she is definitely spayed or he.
    Then the keeping you up bit, could be something like your cat could be sick. I once had a cat like that. I did the owner a favour by taking his cat in when he moved to California. Well he seemed like a poor man (He was moving in with his sister there).
    His cat Lucky (female), had been nothing but a problem since we got her. Bob, the owner said “Lucky has been blind in her right eye since she was a kitten, we found out later she had an ulcer in her eye making her blind), we were also told that she had asthma, my belief is the vet lied about that to him because he possibly couldn’t afford the surgery if he knew the truth. Lucky had a Ulcer in her stomach which she hated anyone touching. She would hiss, bite and scratch you if you tried.
    So if you think your cat wasn’t spayed right get another opinion, but in my opinion, get a Thorough examination, just in case your cat might have more than meets the eye and your cats cries or talking could mean so much more. (Some shelters are good in telling you what’s wrong with your cat, not all)
    Take Care.

  31. For ASH,
    Your message regarding your cats back legs are up in the air and rubbing and grinding and stuff like that, try using a pair of rubber gloves that are clean and up her butt with it, she will LOVE IT! (its like you are relieving her of her horniness)
    You know how like when women and men are in the mood, they go all crazy, well Cats do the same.
    You may find a Male Cat will go to a female owner and a female cat will go to a male owner to relieve itself. I don’t know why this is the case. But I see that in my female Cat Carla.
    At the back of your cat’s bum you will notice some either clear or white fluid that looks like white juice coming out. That would be what we would sometimes describe as cum. In the cat form.
    So if you feel that wet spot on your bed sheets carpet, towels, rug etc, you will know its not you, its your cat. I say wear the rubber gloves cos then you don’t have to be disgusted with feeling that wet stuff on your hands.
    Trust me I learned the hard way, my cat came intentionally to me to relieve her and well she rubbed her wet bum into my elbow this morning. EW!
    I must’ve washed my arm a few. Then she went to my fiance, who was trying to sleep and she was well “Talking insanely to him” probably telling him, when are you going to wake up and get me spayed!” (Our appointment is next week)
    Take Care of yourself and others.

  32. Notes to all: the Vet or Humane Society will base your kitty on a couple things for getting spayed.
    1)How much it weighs: Because if the cat is not an appropriate weight he/she might not be able to get spayed at that time, because they may not be able to handle the “Going under” bit.(which also applies to age)
    2) How old the kitty is: Because if your kitty is too young, they like to play the “Waiting game”.
    My kitty went in heat at 4 months, they said “She was too small to get spayed.
    Impt Point to remember: That’s why they like to say kittens should get spayed at 5-6 months. (So they can handle going under and come back)
    Remember Your cat can grow 2 ways: a) LONGER -Lengthwise or b) BIGGER-Fat wise.
    My kitty is Long-wise for a gray spotted tabby, most tabby’s get fat-wise.
    She’s a short-haired and people always say “You ONLY paid $114 CDN for her, I want one where did you get her?” I would tell them her and her brother were bought the same day, which is true, both of them are gray spotted, except Carla has a Black tail (like a raccoon and her brother with some other owner has a white tail)
    Both are similiar in alot of ways, her brother plants himself in laying position on the keyboard for the computer, Carla lays on the keyboard for music playing, and she will always sleep beside the computer monitor. (Where the heat source is)
    Take Care of Cats

  33. For Jody:
    Squatting and meowing, now please tell me your cat’s not squatting and walking like this when it comes out of the litter box! Because if you say yes to this. Your cat may NOT BE IN HEAT! You have to bring a sample of the: Today’s Poo to a vet or Animal Clinic and have an appointment to get it checked to see if Kitty/Cat has WORMS.
    Cats have an interesting way to do things, usually if in heat, they;
    1) Talk constantly (all night for that matter)
    2) Meow and could sound like barking at times
    3) Rubbing their heads and bodies feriously against a hard object like a hair brush, scratch post, end table, corner cabinets or even into you.
    4)They might put their heads into your fist and be super wanting attention.
    5) Some might even drink lots of water, eat more wet food and eat tons of dry food. (I noticed this with my kitty)
    Get her spayed to put her out of her misery.
    Doesn’t mean she might stop meowing, let’s just put it this way “It will be greatly decreased!”
    Talking may stop all night long=a Blessing.
    Good Lucky with cat.

  34. Our kitten has reached the 6th month of her life and she is doing the boogie woogie. First of all she squats and throws her bottom up and walks that way. The sound she makes is almost comical.
    It sounds like a baby saying……..Whyeeeee.Whyeeeeeeeee. Cats will mate and get pregnant almost every single time they copulate. All the more reason to get her to the vet ASAP and spayed. And they say parenthood is wonderful?

  35. My cat is urinating, rolling its butt around, wants attention, meows a lot, and she seems to be in pain! We’re not sure, but it may be worms, but the evidence points to heat. I really don’t get it.

  36. A cats cycle lasts about 15-23 days. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a cat more comfortable while in heat?

  37. What do male cats do when they are in heat? My male kitten 5 months old is meowing loud like he is in pain, he isnt spraying, he also threw up a few times, I am wondering if he is sick or in heat?

  38. My cat is in heat as well. My question is, when a cat is in heat may they have multiple partners or doing it once will in pregnate her immediately? Also how long does it take roughly after she is pregnant for her to have her litter of kittens?

  39. My cat is acting like she is in heat, but she has been spayed a little over a year ago. But every other month or so she is still acting like she is in heat. Does anyone know why she would still act like this. Help! It is driving us crazy!

  40. I also have an approx 6 mo. old kitten in heat. She (I think) has urinated and deficated on my son’s bed – he is away in the air force and we didn’t notice right away until the smell sent me into a tizzy. And last night, someone peed on my bed! I’m definitely going to get her fixed. Is this normal for a cat in heat? I have another male and female who are both fixed. She’s the newest one and this has never happened before…. HELP!

  41. This would be a great board if some of the so called experts would answer questions. I know when my cat is in heat, and like others it drives me CRAZY too. I was wondering if there is anything we can do to make it comfortable for her. After all the years cats have been in existence,
    I can not believe we do’t have something on the market to help them. A pill? Something.

  42. Would a spayed Male cat, mate with a unspayed female cat, when she is in heat? All of you people that had your female cats spayed and are still experiencing the “Heat” effects, makes me wonder if they can get pregnant,due to a poor spaying.

  43. My cat is in so much heat that the bathroom is all steamed up. Just the other day I woke up and there was a male cat hanging on the outside screen licking its chumps while my cat just made taughting sounds. It got me turned on!! She has been like this for a week and a half and I can’t control the urges…..When will it stop?

  44. cats stay in heat anywhere from 15 to 22 days hard to tell when it ends because they can go right back into heat as quickly as they have finished their last cycle so the window is short try to keep an eye on kittie and you will probably be able to tell when it is time to take her to the vet (inbetween cycles) but dont delay or you will be stuck in another cycle …although you can have them fixed at any time it is much more costly when they are in heat …hope this helps answer your questions from someone who knows your pain ( I have two female kitties in heat at the same time…lol

  45. I am not a vet but have a lot of experience with animals, especially cats. A cat in heat WILL urinate unnaturally(not in litter box) but this is not always the case, many cats dont do this. This will stop after she or he is fixed. Also if you have two female cats in the house and one is in heat, the one that is not will not want anything to do with her and may even get a little aggressive with the one in heat. They will meow and almost wallow very loudly (this cannot be stopped no matter how much you yell, so save your voice) squat on their legs with the butt up in the air, sometimes be more snuggly but mostly they cant sit still, they will hardly ever play, they will drive you nuts. You may also notice a increase in body temp and a different odor coming from the coat of the cat, this is normal also. Your cat is not sick, she is in heat.
    As far as how long it lasts, my experience has been about six days, give or take a couple days (sadly for us, usually give). After that she will seem ok, but then she goes right back into heat driving you crazy agian. This will continue until she is either fixed or pregnant. Beware, if she gets outside for any amount of time the latter will be the case.
    Most vets will fix a cat while in heat but it will cost you more, sometimes a lot more. Call around and find the best prices, where i live the price varies from 80 to 115 dollars and up. Though in some states that are living in modern day, UNLIKE MONTANA which is caught up in the 1800’s still, it costs much much less. Be sure to spend a extra ten or fifteen dollars and get POST OPERATIVE PAIN MEDICINE FOR THE CAT. It is foolish for a human to believe their cat feels no pain after surgery, treat them right. Just because they cant talk doesnt mean they dont feel. Most humane societies send their cats out to get fixed and do not do it themselves so getting a cat spayed for cheaper through them usually isnt a option. Sometimes they will let you work for them and give you a certificate for XXX amount of money for XXX hours of work that is good at any local vet, call your humane society and find out.
    The right thing for any cat (or pet) owner to do is fix your animal unless your a breeder. If you cannot afford to fix an animal, not only is there a chance that shell get pregnant but your causing her much discomfort, it is not fun for a cat to be in heat. And a cat thats not in heat is much easier to live with.
    There are no real tricks to helping a cat in heat. Although i have found one, i am almost afraid to let it be know because some people may not have enough common sense to be righteous about this. If you get a LARGE box, not a fruit box or the box your toaster came in, be kind to your animal, get a LARGE box, like a 27 inch TV box or larger, and put her in it, or use a BIG cat carrier and put her in it with a light blanket over the top, NOT A DOWN COMFORTER or a sleeping bag. If you do this, enclose them in darkness they will quiet down, but i dont suggest doing it for longer the a few hours. Hope this has helped. E mail me with any comments, complaints or questions.
    Like i said before, im not a vet nor do i practice professional animal care, just a cat owner with some experience.

  46. Is there any way to manually masturbate a cat to get her to stop meowing so much? if i did this would she stop being in heat for a day or two? i think she needs to lose all the tension, she’s very frustrated..

  47. Just a couple of tricks of the trade that I have picked up.
    First of all when the cats going really nuts go out side and hose down your house to include the window sills and door ways especially after a rain other cats scents have marked your house or at least they have marked mine and it is more prevalent after a rain I have three un spayed females that are itching to get out get. Although sounding like its punishment call it what you may I needed sanity you can take you kitty cat car carrier throw some toys and things in there (especially useful when going to bed) put the carrier on opposite ends of the house that way if kitty starts going bonkers you can get some sleep
    About the Self-masturbating thing we were so desperate we tried rubber gloves and a cute tip although it shut her up for like 15 minutes it only masked the symptom not the problem. So I wouldn

  48. Our female cat is in heat and she seems to be in so much pain. Is there anything we can do to ease her pain? And how long does this period last?

  49. I have a neutered male and a female in heat. Is it safe to let them have sex? Will the seemingly constant attemps at intercourse stop her symptoms {meowing, affectionate behavior etc.}? Do I still need to have her spayed to stop the heat cycles? They are both indoor cats.

  50. We have a year old mommy-cat who is currently in heat. She has been raising her rear end up and yowling for about 10 days now. How long does the cycle last and when can we expect it to be safe to spay her?

  51. I have a cat and I think she is on heat we see lots of cats around lately and she meows a lot. but the wieredest thing is that when we go near her or touch her she moews and just lays down to sleep we find her sleeping any were and she never used to. where can I get info on this?

  52. My cats in heat I was wondering if there anything i can do to make her more conforable.I can’t spady her cuz she has a heart condtion wat can i do ?

  53. trinity is driving me insane. se is howling, and being overly affectionate to me. she is still in her nursing phase ( she will nurse on my pants or collar of my shirt.) and just recently as son as the front door opens, she darts out the door like she got some fire crackers loaded in her butt. tonigth we couldnt ccatch her but she came back. but as soon as she was back in she whined to get back out and has been a noisey little brat since.
    he howled at me for about a good 20 minutes b4 i finally put her on my lap where she is now (aslep) while i type. to bad i am not asleep myself while its still quiet.
    just so i understand,
    her howling
    darting for the door
    overly affectionate
    these are signs of her being in heat ( at about age 7 -8 months?)

  54. trinity is driving me insane. se is howling, and being overly affectionate to me. she is still in her nursing phase ( she will nurse on my pants or collar of my shirt.) and just recently as son as the front door opens, she darts out the door like she got some fire crackers loaded in her butt. tonigth we couldnt ccatch her but she came back. but as soon as she was back in she whined to get back out and has been a noisey little brat since.
    he howled at me for about a good 20 minutes b4 i finally put her on my lap where she is now (aslep) while i type. to bad i am not asleep myself while its still quiet.
    just so i understand,
    her howling
    darting for the door
    overly affectionate
    these are signs of her being in heat ( at about age 7 -8 months?)

  55. trinity is driving me insane. she is howling, and being overly affectionate to me. she is still in her nursing phase ( she will nurse on my pants or collar of my shirt.) and just recently as soon as the front door opens, she darts out the door like she’s got some fire crackers loaded in her butt. tonight we couldnt catch her and decided to continue on to our trip to walmart, when we returned, i saw her prancing around in the grass and i tried to wheel after her ( i am temporarily disabled and in a wheel chair) and she came up to me howling, and i tried to pick her p, but my wheels were not locked and i wheeled in the oppisite direction of her sincei was on an incline and proceeded to roll into the grass getting stuck with one wheel in the air, quite i site i might add, me and my mom had a nice laugh) she ran off cz she was scared, but she came back. but as soon as she was back in she whined to get back out and has been a noisey little brat since. pacing the front door and /or darting from one room to the other
    she howled at me for about a good 20 minutes b4 i finally put her on my lap where she is now (asleep) while i type. to bad i am not asleep myself while its still quiet.
    just so i understand,
    her howling
    darting for the door
    overly affectionate
    these are signs of her being in heat ( at about age 7 -8 months?)

  56. hI I wouldlike to know why female cat who is one years old and currntly in heat , i am trying to mate her with my sisters oneyear old malecat they are bothall white except for the male hasalittle black on him,yhefemale lucy acts like she wants nothing to do with him,she hisses and growlswheni put them in the room together he trys to approach herandshe will not allow it, when i take her out of the room she returns to her acting all miserable in heat is this normalordo somefemales not want certain males?

  57. Man, this isn’t a question, just a sounding-off…my Maggie is about 5 (never been quite sure) months old and is in her second bout of heat. I swear, she’s so freaking spoiled, she doesn’t stop wallowing and howling unless I am in the room with her. I can’t afford to get her spayed and I’m scared to take her to one of those “Free Spaying” chop-shops they do at our Humane Society once a month…there’s something so bootleg about all that, and they don’t do follow-up observations, as far as I know.
    Anyway, I guess I’m in for it for the next week or so…and there is no way I’m gonna get her off on my own, sorry. 🙂 I just can’t wait until I’ve saved enough to take her to Banfield, where I know they’ll keep her a day after surgery for observation!!

  58. My CallieMae is in heat at 6mo. Her appt. with vet is not for another 10 days Ugghhhh!!! Until then I alternate keeping her in a dark place with a hour of two “listening to the noise”, and then back in dark again. This has been going on for 2 days so far. It’s like having a newborn baby; only a couple of hours of sleep per day !!!! A friend told me to give her (and me!) Benadryl to help get some rest. Haven’t done this yet. Any comments or experience with medicating calming her??????

  59. I cannot believe a lot of people here. The only way to really put both your female cat and yourself out of your misery is to have her spayed. She won’t stop otherwise; the cycle just repeats like a menstual cycle. Just think, is it worth a couple of hundred dollars to keep your sanity? If you got the cat because you wanted one, then to call her a brat because she is going through a natural thing is uncalled for. How would you like it if men called women brats everytime they have their menstrual cycle? I can understand your surprise if you’ve never had a cat before, but please take responsibility for your decision to have a pet. Not spaying can cause a life-threatening illness called pyometra, that happened to a friend’s cat.
    Also, even good vets don’t always keep the cats overnight after spaying unless there’s complications. Having your cat spayed at a low-cost or no cost clinic is better for both of you in the long run, both health and sanity wise. You’re lucky if you have one in your area.

  60. I have a female cat named Stink. And she just went into her first heat and O MY GOD this is horrible! She just crys and crys and wants soooo much attention and she normally is a bitch but not right now. She has never been outside before but I’ve noticed 3 male cats that have came up to my house and have been hanging around. Can they sense that she is in heat even if she isn’t outside with them? I have a appt. to get her spayed next week. I just don’t know how much more I can take between now and then. I feel so bad for her. I’ll be so glad when they put her out of her misery.

  61. Hi everyone i have a cat and her name is Molly and she is in heat. I was wondering if someone could help me out and tell me if her peeing on the blankets and floor is normal in some way? Molly is driving me CRAZY as it is with the none stop meowing, i dont need the peeing and smell too! help!
    thank you

  62. My kitty is 5 months old. I thought that she was hurt and in pain so I brought her to the vet, and it was pretty hilarious when I found out she is in heat! I’m not sure what that involves so I came here.. and now I’m scared! I think I’ll try to get her spayed as soon as possible… I don’t want to experience the sleepless nights. She’s been quiet so far, thank goodness. 🙂

  63. My mum and I just adopted a cat from the SPCA, and we’re not sure how old she is, maybe around eight months? As luck [er… yeah.] would have it, she went into heat just a week after we adopted her. She’s very disturbed right now, and I’m worried that she’ll equate her new home with this period. Does anyone know the likelyhood of this happening?
    Other then her going into heat, she seemed to have been settling in very well. Her name is Akira. 🙂

  64. i don’t know if this is totally healthy or ethical, but when i was a little girl my cat went into very early heat–she was too young to be spayed. my mother had grown up on a farm and in order to shut the cat up for awhile she would smear the cat’s body, all-over, with a very thin layer of unsalted butter, really not much, but she would rub it into the cat’s hair and then put the cat in a room without carpet or upholstery (for us it was the big laundry room). the cat would spend several hours cleaning the butter from her whole body, forgetting that she was in heat. when the cat was clean we would butter her up again. she didn’t get sick at all from the butter, and after she was older we got her spayed, she lived to be 17 years old. probably use organic butter nowadays just to make sure.

  65. Okay, I’m somewhat amazed at the lack of education that seems to be out there regarding adopting a cat. Under NO circumstances should you have an un-fixed cat in your home unless you are going to be a breeder. If you’re going to be a breeder, be prepared for the yowling and screeching and “visitors” and messes and all the other disgusting stuff that happens when cats go into heat. There is nothing you can do to stop it, even organic butter might not help. Unfixed male cats will spray truly foul-smelling urine on all your things, and will yowl incessantly if they smell a female in heat anywhere within a quarter of a mile.
    Why on earth would you want to put up with that behavior? Spend the few dozen bucks when you adopt the animal to deal with the situation before it becomes a problem, and it’ll save you TONS of aggravation in the future. Not only that, but your cat will be happier, healthier, and live longer. Isn’t that what you’d want for a pet you love?
    For anyone who doesn’t believe me, or is thinking about adopting one and forgoing the “traumatic experience of an operation,” I suggest you drop by a bookstore and browse the books on cats. I challenge you to find a SINGLE ONE that recommends not having your pet fixed. You will not, trust me.

  66. Female cats will continue to go into heat until they are bred or pregnant. There is often no noticable time span between heat cycles. Some of you should try using the internet as an information-gathering tool, BEFORE you decide to undertake the responsiblitiy of owning a pet. Until then, do us and all the other innocent cats, dogs, and other animals a favor and STOP OWNING PETS UNTIL YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH, BOTH FISCALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY, TO TAKE CARE OF THEM. I’m sure there are less inhumane hobbies out there for you that are less expensive and just as amusing as watching a suffering cat in heat.

  67. Just a quick comment coming from experience. A cat urinating outside of its’ box could have a urinary tract infection. Take a sample of its’ urine to the vet for testing. I thought my 6-month old was peeing on the bed and couch because of a behavioral problem. Come to find out she had a UTI for a month or so.

  68. I just adopted a female cat on Saturday. I wasn’t able to bring her home until yesterday because she had to be spayed first. I chose her because she was very affectionate in the cage and when I got her home she would not leave me alone! She was rubbing up on the dogs, anything stationary… she followed the camera to rub against it with her face. her rear legs are bent sort of strangely and the very base of her tail is raised and all the fur is kind of spiking out, but the rest of her tail is very close to her body. She can’t stop squinting. I’m just now realizing she must be in heat (i’ve never had a female cat before) and I’m wondering if her personality will drastically change once it’s over? I also have two altered male cats… would they possibly spray if they caught her scent, even though they are fixed?

  69. My question is,
    Can someone tell me what signs does male cats give when they are in heat. My cat is a male, about 6-7 months old and he’s running to the front and back door, pacing around the house and looking out of windows crying he just started doing this 2 days ago. He is an indoor cat and Im afraid to let him outside. This is my first cat, can anyone give me some suggetions

  70. my femaile cat is in heat she meows over and over agan.(1) can i get her to be quiet without having to spay her? when we used to hold her she would bend alot but now that she is in heat she tries to stay as strate as posable.(2) what does that mean? when i watch her, she laies down meows then gets back up.(3) what does that mean?

  71. Aladrian, what ever you do, do NOT let your cat get outside. He just wants to get out to find a female cat. Just get him spayed! Same goes for everyone else! Male cats meow enough to drive you crazy and spray constantly when they are not neutered! That means the pee everywhere. Do you know how hard it is to get cat pee out of clothes/furniture/your favorite item? Female cats do that stuff too among other things. Do some internet searching for LOW COST SPAY NEUTER clinics in your area. There are temporary ones that go through a couple times a year, usually through a shelter. Call a shelter and ask if they know about any low cost neuter clinics. Also there is a place by me called Pet Guards Clinic. I don’t know if they are everywhere or not but i am sure there is something similiar near you. They charge from $25-50 or so for the spay or neuter. Vets can charge $125 or more! If you still think $25-50 is too much you should not own a cat. If you think that is too much money you are probably also not feeding your cat the best food either. You should really do the research BEFORE you buy the cat.

  72. i was directed to this site by a friend because of some of the ridiculous questions being asked. some are absolutely hallarious. first of all when u get a cat plan on getting it fixed, if u didnt think of this before hand u should not have got one. i have 2 female cats myself and they have never been in heat. why? because they r fixed before they come in heat. to not have cat fixed is soooooo cruel, more animals in shelters, which everyone knows r toooo full.and to answer a question i seen earlier having a female cat spayed is much like a human woman getting a hysterectomy, they take everything, uterus and ovaries.oh and another thing. some people that r sexual stimulating their cats. SICK! thats like animal cruelty.

  73. Help are 6month kitten is driving us nuts she is mewwwwing all hours of the day she wants to go out every time the door is open I think she in heat but I not sure how do you know for sure.We also have a year old cat and she never acted like this what do we do for her she sounds like she hurting. HELP starla

  74. Help are 6month kitten is driving us nuts she is mewwwwing all hours of the day she wants to go out every time the door is open I think she in heat but I not sure how do you know for sure.We also have a year old cat and she never acted like this what do we do for her she sounds like she hurting. HELP starla

  75. Help are 6month kitten is driving us nuts she is mewwwwing all hours of the day she wants to go out every time the door is open I think she in heat but I not sure how do you know for sure.We also have a year old cat and she never acted like this what do we do for her she sounds like she hurting. HELP starla

  76. My cat’s in heat and I’ve found out what I need to do, but I can’t afford it right now. To the people saying stuff like, “you people that bought a new cat should research before deciding to own pets,” have you considered that people could’ve found a poor kitten curled up on their porch, freezing to death, and decided to take it in? Sure, it’s cruel that I can’t afford to have her spayed right now. I guess I should’ve just left her out in the cold?

  77. This is for all of the city-dwelling, self-rightous, rich people out there who are so hell bent on “if you can’t spay your pet why get one?”. I live in a rural area where there are lots of feral cats, (and dogs). We have three cats – two males, one female; who were all neutered. About 6 months ago, we found a one or two day old kitten under our woodpile. My daughter named her “Boo”, and bottle fed her, wiped her eyes, her rear end, etc……..and now she’s a healthy young lady. She surprised us by going into heat at 6 months – and, in the area where we live, even the ASPCA charges from $70 to $150 for spaying, unless you’re on some kind of government assistance. Boo is driving us (well, me) quite nuts; but as soon as we get our IRS refund back we will get her spayed. My point is, that not everyone lives in a area where there are low cost facilities available to neuter pets, so don’t be so judgemental. Perhaps instead of posting judgement on a web site, we should be working on some kind of program for those of us who are “middle-class” who have pets thrust upon us. What should we have done, let Boo die? This is a huge problem in our area, unwanted cats and dogs just dumped off in front of the nearest farmhouse…In our area there are several “no-kill” shelters struggling to make ends meet. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep Boo happy by giving her lots of attention and being sympathetic when she’s howling at night (my ex-husband used to do the same thing!). People who use this board want advice on how to deal with their pets, not a lecture on what the “responsible” thing is – it’s a little too late now, right? For those of us with the little hellions in heat – just be patient, and try to get her to the vet ASAP, OK?

  78. My 6 month old kitten Tiffany is in heat. She rolls all over the floor and makes a noise that almost sounds like a growl. Her bottom area seems pink and swollen – she is pacing around the house and rubbing herself on anything she can.

  79. I have a cat that is in heat. She is 11 months old and is driving everybody crazy. Is there anything i could do to ease her pain and unusual behavior. Please help!

  80. I’ve had her tested for a UTI on more than one occasion, and she doesn’t have one. I’ve considered that she was jsut spraying because she was old, but, when a friend was staying with me, she, out of the blue, asked if she had been fixed, because she was acting like she was in heat. That’s when it all came into focus. My vet says that it’s very unlikely that it’s a hormonal imbalance of any sort because it would have happened before now. I don’t think he totally realizes how often these “heat” related sessions occur, though I’ve tried to tell him. I will look into another vet, tho. Thanks, Jen.

  81. I would suggest trying another vet for starters. Does your vet not believe you? Sometimes older cats will spray or pee around the house, maybe she has a UTI. I would get her tested for a UTI, suggest that to your vet or take her to a different vet. But do it asap because if it is a UTI you want to get it treated before it gets any worse.

  82. Kelli, its just that everyone is posting the SAME THING and asking the SAME QUESTION over and over again.
    Everyone-Scroll up to the posts BEFORE yours and read the answer to that question you keep asking repeatedly.
    I am pretty poor myself and I dont have nearly enough money to pay for a spay or neuter from a vet, fortunately there are low cost clinics near me but I still had to save up with a few paychecks to pay for it. If people just planned ahead, ou know the cats going to go in heat around 5-8 months. So whether you find it as a 2 day old baby or an unaltered adult, you know what you have to do so start saving up for it. I am not trying to sound rude its just frusterating when the question has been answered repeatedly and people are STILL ASKING IT.

  83. Like someone said way above, it’s taking responsibility for owning/buying/adopting/taking in a stray cat. No matter how or when the cat came to you, it is your responsibility to get it spayed (and shots too for that matter). If you can’t afford the expensive vet costs, do some research for low cost clinics and especially talk to your nearest SPCA or Humane Society or any no-kill shelter in your area to find out about low/no cost spay neuter clinics. Or you can also talk to your vet about payment plans. Most will work with you and allow you to break it down into monthly payments.
    P.S. A lot of people spay and declaw all at once. Please don’t declaw, that is the one of the cruelist things you can do to your cat. They can develop behavior problems, they can’t properly exercise those muscles in their legs, they can’t defend themselves. Delclawing is amputation. They chop off the entire top of the toe. Like cutting off your finger at the top knuckle. I discovered many people do not know this and I know this message board is about spaying and neutering but I had to bring it up because it is very important. If you want to declaw because you don’t want your cat to scratch, you can train it not to or buy Soft Paws or something similar at Petsmart or off the internet. Did you know declawing is illegal in many other countries besides the US (Germany, Italy, etc…)? If you have any questions you can email me about declawing or spaying too for that matter.

  84. Hi, my name is Meeshell, Our cat came in heat like 2 weeks ago! She is Crazy!!! I understand though, as the pet lover that I am. I just a couple questions/ She is trying to back up to My chow chow, I have never seen anything like this, she seems to really need to breed, I feel bad for her, She got out of the house(She ran out the door and quicky at that, I could not catch her!) she was gone all night untill the next afternoon. I read that once they do breed they come out of heat, and she is still doing the same thing, her meow is Crazy!!! and still backing up to my Dog?
    Do you know if they breed do they still do this?
    And how long does this last? If you have a answer please e-mail me at Meeshellove@aol.com
    Thank- you, Meeshell

  85. My cat is nearly 15 years old, and was spayed when she was 6 months old. In the past few months, she has begun to act like she is in heat. Impossible, I know. She’s crying constantly, and displaying all the “symptoms” of being in heat (tail to the side, stepping her back feet while crouched, etc), especially the spraying part. Has anyone ever heard of a cat who has been fixed all of a sudden, many years after being fixed displaying this kind of behavior? I have no idea what to do. My vet seems to think that this behavior isn’t possible, but he hasn’t seen it first hand. Does anyone know what I could do about this? It’s been going on for over 6 months, and it’s driving me crazy.

  86. my year old siamese queen was bread last week… i picked her up today, and brought her home. gave her a bath because i have a male siamese that is neutered, and didnt want him to start having behavior problems due to the cent of the stud… anyways, she is is screaming around again like she is in heat!!!???? what is the deal? is she not pregnant? i am so frustrated!!!

  87. my year old siamese queen was bread last week… i picked her up today, and brought her home. gave her a bath because i have a male siamese that is neutered, and didnt want him to start having behavior problems due to the cent of the stud… anyways, she is is screaming around again like she is in heat!!!???? what is the deal? is she not pregnant? i am so frustrated!!!

  88. I have always had male cats and the two cats i have now are female. I have already spayed my older female but my 6 month old has just gone into heat. I dont know waht to do for her. is she in pain? I feel bad please help.

  89. not a whole lot you can do except get her spayed ASAP. watch so she doesn’t start spraying, I know its more common in males but females can do it too.

  90. My Kitty had her first heat and we were able to find a few things that worked, but it does require time.
    1) We keep her in our room when we are asleep, it seems that she only “calls” when she can’t see us. Don’t forget to keep a water dish and some food in the room too. Let her out for “bathroom breaks” usually twice a night. If she is tends to go outside the litter box make sure you put it in the room away from clothes and the bed.
    2) Play with her as much as possible, even if she seems tired get out some toys and really get her going. Playing makes her sleepy and she doesn’t have energy to “call”.
    3) Do not allow anyone to pet her. The more you touch her the more she gets “excited”.
    4) Talk to her and sing to her whenever you are at home, I think this distracts her.
    5) Play rockabilly music, I noticed this is the only music she will not meow too.. HAHA.. tired everything too.
    Where I live I have to wait till 6 months to have her sprayed and she was only 4.5 months with her first heat.
    She has her heat for 12 days and the worse of it was 5 days. It’s been 2.5 weeks and she is starting her heat again. We plan to get her sprayed as soon as we can.
    I have looked into information on cat’s heat cycles and really every source is different, I can only conclude every cat is different just like every human woman is different with their cycles.
    Well I hope this is helpful, sounds like alot of people are pretty confused by this behavoir. Just remember it is not unusual, it is natural, this is suppose to happen.
    If your Vet does not believe you about odd behavoir try to record it on video or camera at least. They can’t deny proof.
    Side note about potty training:
    My cat after 2 months of training can not be trained because she; Can’t stop playing with shiny things and plastics, she does not like her poo mixing with her pee(she will go out of her way to make sure it doesn’t even in the litter box), and lastly our toilet makes crazy sounds and she likes watching the bubbles.

  91. One last thing syntoms of heat I witnessed:
    Rolling around on the ground
    Meowing “calling”, and Grunting
    Backing up her bottom to legs, faces and even furniture.
    Excitable over new guests.
    Rubbing everything.
    Licking genitals.

  92. My cat sprayed too, even tho she is a girl and most people think only males spray. She sprayed constantly and ruined a couch and some clothing and the carpet. So that is another symptom. Also the need to get outside, to roam, to find a male kitty.

  93. My kitten has not been spayed and she keeps putting her butt in the air and meowing and just rolling around on the ground. She is about 6 months old. I don’t know if she is in heat or not but i hope so!

  94. Does a cat stay in heat after she is pregnant?
    My cat has been in heat on and off for about a month but I have noticed her a little bigger around the tummy. Didnt know if it is my imagination.

  95. We had a new roomate move in resently and about the same time our cat started showing signs of being in heat. Well about 3 days later spring break came and the new roomate left for a week and our cat stopped showing signs. He came back about a week ago and don’t you know 4 days ago we woke up to her “calling” again. She fallows him around all the time and waits at the window for him. Is she really in heat or is there something with his smell? She’s about 9 months old and we plan to get her spayed in about a week or two, but has the new scent thrown her off ? Why the obsetion with my roomate she just met?

  96. I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank all of you cat lovers for the great advice and information. I have a kitten about six months old with the crying, restlesness,affection seeking behaviors etc. as were all listed previous. I knew she was in heat once I saw all of this but didn’t realise it could happen this young. I’m going to set an appt. with the vet after the weekend.

  97. I have a question. My cat (10 mnths) was to be spayed a few months ago but then she had a lot of health problems and we ended up having to pay about 1000$ to have a ton of tests done. Since she was last in heat, she’s had some vaginal spotting. She doesn’t seem sick or in pain. It subsided now that she’s going into heat again but there is still some discharge. I have read that some cats do have minimal bleeding, but there has been nothing about it on this site so far. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or if they know this is a problem. We odn’t want to take her to the vet if it is unnecessary because she gets really stressed out. Thanks for any input.

  98. YEY, I’m so excited. I just got an appt for this Thurs to have my Catalina spayed. The cost was $40 at my local humane society & $10 for pain meds. I do have one comment. I originally came to this site in order to find info & symptoms on cats in heat & I was very surprised at all the negative comments. For all the people who say do your research beforehand or you should have anticipated the cost before you got a cat why don’t you ACTUALLY try & think for a minute. Obviously if someone takes the initiative to go on a website & research & request help for their cat would it not be a safe assumption to assume they care about their cat. This is a website to help out fellow cat owners whom care about their cats. Please try & have some compassion already

  99. It’s not necessarily that, its just that look back at all the questions asked…they are almost the exact same questions asked over and over again. The reason you can scroll back so far is to reread other posts. Obviously if someone took the time to find the site, they had to have read some of the above posts. Why is it necessary to ask that same thing repeatedly when the answers are clearly stated above. If a cat is rolling on the ground with her butt up in the air and meowing, SHE IS IN HEAT which can happen as early as 3 months, so get her to the vet ASAP!! There, I answered almost all the questions asked on this page.
    I can understand if someone came across a cat without expecting it and they come here for information, but everyone needs to quit posting the same question. Thats why this page is soooo long. The redundancy is annoying.
    By the way that is great that you found a good deal on spaying and that you are having that done.
    Lori- Yes a cat can still be in heat when pregnant, if you get her to the vet really quickly and if she isn’t very far along in her pregnancy, you can spay her while pregnant and she won’t have the babies. Thats what we did with one of our cats, in the wait for the appointment, she managed to escape and get pregnant. We took her in right away to see if she was pregnant and they spayed her right away.

  100. Come on people, if you can find your way around the internet well enough to find this site, certainly you can find a search engine! Google, AskJeeves, Yahoo… pick your favorite and type in “cats in heat” or something to that effect. Here’s one that was very informative (although I’m not sure many people actually read the posts to gain answers): http://www.hdw-inc.com/pregnancy.htm
    Good for many of you for adopting a cat or taking in a stray — now get her spayed and him neutered. Going into heat and spraying is not cruel, but bringing thousands of unwanted kittens into the world is.

  101. I came to this site because I may know a lot about Human health, but, not on how cats act while in heat. I have had cats all my life (39 yrs) and have had all of them “fixed”, spayed or neutered. This is my first experience with a kitten going into heat. I have found reading ALL of this entries, yes, a lot of repeat questions, but, a lot of people, especially JEN, being condescending to others seeking information. Maybe you should just answer their question and keep your opinions to yourself. Or, just stop posting to the web site all together!!

  102. I try to answer all the questions I can, but it is mainly the same question. Instead of pointing this out and re writing the answer all over again, I just will say scroll up. If the question is already answered then why the need to ask it again? That is all I am trying to point out.

  103. I came looking for some help with my cat in heat as well. I was a little offended at some of the comments that assumed people arent doing everything they can to help their cats. People are posting these questions because they want to help their cats.
    In my case, my cat was spayed by a shelter doing the “responsible thing” at 6 weeks of age. Since then my cat has suffered through one exploratory surgery and will have to go back for another this month since she is still in heat.
    This all could have been avoided had the shelter waited untill she was fully developed. Those cat owners with young kittens in heat should NOT be persuaded to spay their cats before they are fully mature. The consequences are more costly and more painful than a few heat cycles.

  104. i have a male cat that was fixed 2 years ago and now he is crying all the time and wants to go out
    he is driving us crazy does anyone have any suggestions, should i take him to the vet, could he be in heat? this behavior just started and has never happened before

  105. my cats gone bloody mad, keeps trying to hump everything in site!!!! can anyone help me? i thios normal?

  106. Male cats don’t go into heat like females do, he may just simply want to go outdoors. If you don’t feel comfortable letting him out, (not recommended because he can get into fights and pick up many diseases) is there a porch he can go onto? Or you could take him out on a leash and harness.
    Gallows: Is he neutered? It sounds like he isn’t, If not I would get this done ASAP. For his health and your sanity.

  107. We have a kitten that is about 6 monthes old and she’s in heat BADLY!!! She won’t stop whining and she is keeping me and the rest of the family up all night!!! WHAT CAN I DO!?! She’s “rubbing” up against anything and everything! including people! Can I do anything to help? PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP!!! I’M DESPERATE! she’s been in heat for about a month!

  108. One last thing syntoms of heat I witnessed:
    Rolling around on the ground
    Meowing “calling”, and Grunting
    Backing up her bottom to legs, faces and even furniture.
    Excitable over new guests.
    Rubbing everything.
    Licking genitals.
    Creamy fluid excreation from genitalia

  109. I have a female cat who is about to turn two. She has been spayed as a young cat but lately she has been showing all of the symptoms of being in heat.Is is possible for a spayed cat to still be in heat?


  111. I am not saying this to sound as mean as some of the posts do, but really research should be done before becoming a pet owner. And please read other posts before asking the same question again.
    Here are some things you all should know:
    1. Cats will be constantly in and out of heat for their entire lives unless they are fixed. Female cats are compulisve ovluators, meaning that they have no actual cycle. Whenever there is a male cat around, an unfixed, unpregnant female will go into heat. Also, if you have more than one unfixed female, and I beleive I’ve even heard of fixed females doing this when living with other females in heat, cats will go into symapthy heat, meaning they will force themselves into heat as well in sympathy for the other cat.
    2. The only humane way to deal with a cat in heat is to have it fixed. Ideally, a trusted vet is the best option. Realistically, that may not be finanially viable. Most licensced animal shelters offer fixing at reduced, or I’ve heard no, cost. Please be sure that you have taken your cat to the vet first to make sure there is no preexisting problem. For example, I had a male cat whose gentalia was not proberly formed. He almost had to have surgery to basically make him a female cat. We spent the extra money to have him fixed by the vet, saving his life. We have had many, many cats fixed by our local SPCA, and every one has been fine. Just please make sure you cat is fully vaccinated before visiting the shelter.
    Also, a note on taking the cat outside on a leash: This will teach the cat that it is okay to go outside, and it may begin to storm the door. My grandmother tried this with a declawed cat she has and now had trouble keeping the cat from sneaking out the door when she comes in or out.
    And a note on declawing: declawing a cat is the same as amputating the top third of each of your fingers. Even done properly, the procedure of declawing a cat can do serious nerve damage, leaving the cat in pain for the rest of it’s life. Please take the time to work with training your cat what is okay to scratch and what is not. If you have a vicious cat, please take it to a shelter for rehabilitation and readoption. Cats attitudes can also change significantly after having the declawing procedure. Long story short, this is cruel and torture for the cat. Please don’t do it!
    Please be a kind and responsible pet owner. Studies are only now beginning to show that all animals have feelings like humans. Your pets are entrusting you with their lives, please treat them respectfully and lovingly.
    If you need any more information regarding the proper care of cats, please feel free to email me at ewray@hotmail.com. I have had over 30 cats already in my life, and I have learned volumes from the vet and research.

  112. my cat is in some serious heat and she will not stop meowing. i cant get her to the vet for another week. what can i do now so she wont sound so miserable!

  113. I just have to laugh because I thought I was going crazy, my cat is doing the same things as a lot of your cats are doing. Poor things, I too have not been able to afford it and sometimes I just want to let her out but I love that little kitty and she is the greatest when she is not in heat. I hate it and I don’t have much longer until the extra money comes in to take care of her. I have to admitt as mean as it sounds I cool her off in water and wrap her in a towel and just lay her in her room and she quiets down. Its either that or my husband shoots her. Just kidding but hang in there everyone!!

  114. My cat has lost her mind. She just got over her stage called heat. I call her name and she cries really loud with her butt in the air. The only time we get peace is when she’s sleep. When I sing to her she attacks me. I do not sound that bad. Or do i?

  115. If you don’t want to hear the meowing and stuff anymore you should do what me and my sister do. We take our cat outside and stand with her and let her roll around and put her scent on everything. peace.

  116. Can anyone help…I have trawled internet sites with no luck. My cat is just 6 months and is due to be spayed this week, but i have noticed there is a really nasty smell coming from her behind (not the normal smell you might expect!!!) Is this associated with her coming in heat?

  117. almost a year ago i adopted a cat from a life of misery. the people were cat hourders and had 16 cats. after a couple of weeks here with us she became my best friend and i love her just as much as my kids and husband. i am very worried about her though. i have seen and read all of the posts and there are a few that have this same problem but no one has been able to give any advice or they just dont want to.
    my baby was spayed over a year ago and she has now these past 2 months has gone in heat. evidently the vet missed part of her ovary and they can still go into heat with the littlest part in there. i know that she is not in pain but it is very fustraiting for her non the less. i wish there was a safe way to sooth her but i have tried everything.
    when i called the vet that did it they want to charge me way more than what it cost to spay her in the first place. i am so upset b/c this is his fault i think he should fix it for at least half the price it cost to spay her if not for free. as we do not have the money to pay for that since my husband has just come home from kuwait and came home to find his job gone.
    if there is anyone out there with any advice as to how to sooth these poor wonderful creatures please let us all know. you see not all of us are irrisponsible. we did the right thing but got screwed in the end with vets and others that didnt do thier job.
    i love my cat and have another female that got fixed and it worked out just fine.
    i also do not believe in declawing them so my other cat when she got mean after she got fixed,claws everything even us if shes in one of her moods.
    so if there is anyone!!!!! that can give us that have this problem some kind of advice we would all be very thankful.
    and for the ones that seem to think putting on a rubber glove and soothing your cats that way you should be put behind bars. thats i a sickness you have not the cat. eeeeewwww, nasty people.

  118. Hi.. my cat is 6 months old and is in heat. We were deciding on not getting her spayed but that was before she went into heat. OMG, she sounds like she is miserable, as if in alot of pain. I dont mind her making a spectacle of herself, but it makes me feel bad seeing her like this. Her vet said that once she’s over with this then we will get her spayed. But right now, what should i do to ease her pain? Also, what pain do they go through. Also, when she meows deep in her throat, it makes me so uncomfortable as if its my fault b/c we’re not letting her go out and get pregnant. If anyone can help me find answers great… until then my cat’s (Layla) misreable and so am i 🙁

  119. Hi! I’ve got a 4 1/2 month old kitten that I had planned on having spayed before she was 6 months old. Well, SURPRISE…..she is in heat. The crying is kind of annoying, but I’m kind of used to it because she is a needy cat anyway. But she is peeing EVERYWHERE!!!! I dont think she is spraying, I think she is peeing. I woke up at 5am to let the dog out & noticed the living room smelled like cat pee. Looked & found that she had peed on 3/4 of the couch & the dog bed. I locked her in the bathroom w/her litter box, toys, food, water, etc. Went back 5 hours later & she had pooped in her litter box & peed all over the bath mat!!! She has pooped in the corner of the living room for the past 2 days, even w/2 litter boxes in the house. She has a vet appointment today to get more kitten shots & be checked for a UTI. This is her first heat cycle…is it normal for her to pee like this? She makes sure she only pees on something made of cloth. I can handle the howling & neediness, but not the urinating on everything in sight!! HELP!!!

  120. My cat is in heat, like many of yours. My cat seems to be in heat for 3 or 4 days straight, and then her normal self again for a while. Basically she is going into heat every other week, but will be getting her fixed soon.
    Fortunately our cat isn’t urinating everywhere, she just rubs her genetal (sp) areas on pretty much anything, including my foot when I’m not paying attention. We havn’t found any real way to releive her, and she seems very uncomfortable during her times of being in heat. So I would highly suggest getting your cat fixed as soon as you can, unless you want to breed your cat.
    But I think many cats are different, so their cycles may be different. Hope I helped.

  121. My young female is in heat and her vagina is swollen and has blood on it is this part of the heat or has she been impregnated?

  122. my cat is also making noises and squating, its always rubbing its body on things and i just want to know, when will it end???!!!!

  123. Hi everyone, first of all I’d like to comment on the negativity in this sight,not all cats owners are aware of what to expect when they take a cat into their home as part of their family, never having a cat such as myself until the past 7 months, kitty Drew is now 9 months old I didn’t realize what to expect when she came into heat, this is her first heat and her last. People don’t have the right to judge other owners about researching an animal before they accept one into their family and love it as a family member, some times the owners have to go thru certain situations before they come to find the answers they need, such as myslef because as I said this is my first experience with my kitty in heat, though she is making me CRAZY that doesn’t mean that the ones that research before bringing the animal home is a BETTER owner than the ones that have to find out for them selves what needs to be done. Kitty Drew one day about a week ago became very ill, so i thaught.I took her to the vet to find out that she had been bit by another animal on her left leg, she was given a shot because she had a fever of 104 and placed on antibiotics for 7 days, and at the same time i was told that she was in heat that’s why she was carrying on the way she was with (meowing, crying ALOT, not eating, drinking alot of water, breathing heavy, rolling all over the floor, humping my 2 dogs, etc).
    My little girl has a date with the vet on Feb 21,2005 to put an end to her misery.
    But for now what I do to help keep her calm is wrap her fairly tight in a small sheet like you would a brand new baby, hold her like a baby and gently rub her eyes and her lips while I watch her slowly doze off. We do this pattern several times in a day and at night I lay her wrapped up the same way and put her up real close to me and cuddle her to sleep. This seems to work for me, hope other people have the same success.
    Take Care and Good Luck to All

  124. I have a female cat that is spayed and a male cat that hasn’t been neutered. They are strays that I feed. The male cat often tries to have intercourse with the female. Will this hurt the female? I want to get the male neutered but I can’t catch him to get him to the Humane Society. That’s where I took the female.
    Thank you for any advice.

  125. Normal when cats are in heat:
    urinating any where but the litter box,
    crouching low to the ground,
    Lifting back legs up and tail over and over,
    Howilng screeching or meowing VERY LOWDLY
    Cats usually go into heat if not spayed every 2-3 weeks. It normally lasts for about 4-10 days.
    When in heat cats are in pain so try rubbing their stomach and let them go in the window if they desire but if you don’t want them to thats ok. Your cat can be spayed at as early as 6 months old…. Thank You

  126. Hello! I have a cat that is about 2 years old. She was spayed several months ago. About a month ago she started acting like she was in complete heat again. She is up all night meowing and making all those noises I thought would be remedied by spaying her, does anyone know what could be wrong??

  127. i want to bred my cat she just got out of heat around february 16th and i want to know when she’ll be due for another heat.
    thank you austin wikels

  128. Hi my kitten is so little shes six months old and shes in heat she pee’s on our pillows is that normal like shes marking her territory or something cause shes doing that all over. and is spaying the only solution cause we have a boy kitten to, and should i keep them seperated to her heat moment is over? thx bye

  129. To check if your cat is in heat, do the following:
    1. Pat her butt (yes it’s gross but at least you can tell.) If her back end raises up and her feet start kicking…then yes she’s in heat.
    2. You can also tell by the constant meowing and wanting outside. She may also roll around a lot and rub herself on items.
    Also, cats can go into heat again soon after they have had their babies.
    You can get cats spade while they are in heat, but it will cost more.
    If you cannot afford to get a cat fixed, then why have the cat in the first place? Having a cat in the family is a serious thing. They may need veterinary care someday and this does cost money. You pet should be important enough for you to consider taking care of it properly.
    Hope I have answered some people’s questions.

  130. Can a cat be pregnant and still have heat cycles?
    I have a stray in my shed that I am feeding and she sure looks pg. Now I have 2 males hanging around & shes out there with them sticking up her little hind end.The howling is unbearable.Can they be PG and still go into heat? Please advise

  131. My kitten Snickers is 5 months old and she went into another heat cylce. The end of February she had her first set of shots. About two weeks after she went into her second heat. I noticed that she was peeing on the bathroom carpets all of a sudden. It’s been about a week and a half. She doesn’t urinate in her litter box at all. Is this behavior of a kitten in heat? I am confused and concerned. She is eating and drinking plenty of water. I am just concerned because we are having her second set of shots done Monday and then soon after be spayed.
    Is urinating outside the box normal? Will it stop?
    Why is that even after I washed the rugs and put them on the shelf she urnited on them? It was weird.
    Can she be sick? Without other symptons?
    Please help

  132. My cat was in heat I just used a pencil tip and rubbed her thinggy for a bit and she stopped.

  133. this is from two different web sites on queen heat cycles i hope it helps some people
    Unlike dogs, cats rarely show signs of vaginal bleeding during estrus. However, their behavior changes greatly, with the majority of queens becoming quite vocal and loud, and showing increased signs of affection. They may roll around on the floor or plop down right in front of you as you are walking; they constantly want to be with you and be stroked, and when you pet them on their back, they will raise their rear end up high and knead with their front paws.
    Her heat cycle is often called the “estrus cycle” or simply “estrus”. The length of time of the estrus, and the frequency of the estrus cycles depends upon many factors, such as geographic and environmental factors, (temperature and the number of daylight hours), her age and overall health, and her genetic background. Once a queen goes into heat or estrus, she may stay in heat for several days, to 2-3 weeks. Some queens, once they are sexually mature and enter estrus, do not come out of heat unless and until they are either bred to a full male cat, or spayed. The majority of queens will cycle in and out of estrus during the prime breeding season (roughly December through August), returning back into heat approximately every other week

  134. Just a little information about my situation to all the “take responsibility before you get a cat” people out there…
    A month ago a cat appeared in the courtyard of my apartment complex. She was badly starved, shivering, and mewing pitifully to anyone who wandered by. I gave her two bowls of food and finally, reluctantly took her in. I asked around and hung up fliers, but nobody claimed her. I couldn’t take her to the shelter: the pet population is so out of control in this area that they would just euthanize her without even trying to put her up for adoption. I don’t know anybody else who would want or take care of a cat. And I couldn’t just kick her out.
    So I adopted her.
    This meant paying $250 just for a pet deposit, and another $300 on a physical exam, parasite testing, deworming treatments, and rabies vaccination. She doesn’t even have her full shots because I don’t have any more money left, and she’s not registered because she doesn’t have her full shots.
    And now she’s in heat.
    I can’t take her to the humane society to be spayed yet because she’s not registered. I can’t get her registered because she’s not fully vaccinated. I can’t get her fully vaccinated until I catch up on all the bills I had to let run late just to pay for the first round of vet treatments and rent deposits, and then I’ll have to wait to save up for the vaccinations, registrations, and then the operation. And, oh yeah, the human society has a five-week waiting list on top of all that.
    I know what I have to do, and I’m not writing to ask if she’s in heat (she obviously is), but it’s not just a matter of “taking responsibility,” like people claim–there’s a lot more to it. And for the “well you should have been better financial shape” crowd: what should I have done? Take her to a shelter whose policy is to kill her immediately? Let her starve outside? We can’t just wish for the money to do everything that needs to be done all at once.
    I love cats, but on my own, I hadn’t planned on actually having a cat for another six months at least, and now I’m struggling to make everything work out at once, and trying to save every cent available to finish her vet regiment and get her spayed.
    Until then, I’ll pet her, comfort her, and try to help her get through the next few weeks until everything’s finally in order and she can get spayed. I’m just writing to ask people not to be so harsh on those of us who are trying to do the right thing, but just don’t have the resources to simply run out and do it right this minute. It’s not always just being too lazy or irresponsible, like too many posts here imply.

  135. i have a cat that is male and is 8 months old he never showed any signs of being in heat and today for first time he made a stain on my bed it ws orange and gritty i am not sure if this is what they do ? its my first cat help i am not sure f this is it or not ..we also have a newborn baby in house is this dangerous ?

  136. i have a cat that is male and is 8 months old he never showed any signs of being in heat and today for first time he made a stain on my bed it ws orange and gritty i am not sure if this is what they do ? its my first cat help i am not sure f this is it or not ..we also have a newborn baby in house is this dangerous ?

  137. i have a male cat who is 8-9 months old today for firsat time i found a stain on my bed and on a pair of my husbands pants it was orange and gritty and smelled like litter box can you tell me if this is heat ? I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT CATS this is my first cat help if anyone has any answers feel free to email me asap

  138. I have a male cat that is about 10 months old. I got him neutered when he was 6 or 7 months old. Now he has some weird signs. He is walking with his butt on the ground and shifting along the floor so his butt/genitals are rubbing on the floor. Then he will like them. At first I thought he might have worms, but I looked up teh symptoms of a cat having worms and he doesn’t have any of them. My cat is also taking his little stuffed animal that he plays with and dragging it across the bed in his mouth. He will stop and dip down into the stuffed animal and put his tail and back up in the air. His tail will quiver. It’s actually kind of disturbing. My question is, can male cats that are neutered still go through the motions of wanting sex or go through a form of heat?

  139. The only way to stop a female cat from going into heat is to get her spayed. This prevents not only kittnes (and a whole lot of them) but also prevents the cat from possibly spraying, and can prevent breast tumors as well as reproduction tract issues later in life.
    And yes, it is possible for a female cat to be nursing one litter and be pregnant with another. Female cats will go into another heat 1 to 6 weeks after giving birth.
    And a heat can last 7 to 10 days and then can go into heat again 15 to 21 days later. So this can go on quit awhile. And if your cat goes into heat you really really should keep her away from male cats if at all possible [for those of you with males in your household as well]
    And to the person that adopted the stray and can’t afford to get her spayed yet. It’s great that you are helping out the poor kitty, and I can understand the having a hard time coming up with the funds. But if it’s really tough for you then maybe you could try loooking around for a animal shelter in your area that has a no kill policy. These places will house cats or look for foster homes for them until they can find a forever home. Or maybe you could put up posters and listing advertising a cat to give away to a good home. [One that can afford the funds to spay]

  140. Hi,
    this is a rather different post to the usual ones on this thread. I have written a parody of Paul Simon’s song “You can call me Al”, which has a line in it about cats in heat crying…They can call miaow! I’m about to get it recorded, and would like to use the sound effect of a cat in heat for comic effect. Does anyone know where I can get such a sound effect, or can anyone supply a recording of their cat in full cry?

  141. Our cat is just over a year, has been in heat a few times now. We’re happy to let her have one litter (and yes, i know there’s a cat overpopulation problem…. nature used to take care of all this by herself, thats what predators are for), but she’s not found a boyfriend yet.
    ANYWAY, I’ve found that what really helps is adding a tiny bit of chamomile tea to her drinking water, it helps her calm down. If you have a dropper, you could try force feeding your cat some diluted chamomile tea too.
    You know, there’s too many humans in the world. I wouldn’t like it if I’d been spayed as a kid- would you?

  142. “And to the person that adopted the stray and can’t afford to get her spayed yet. It’s great that you are helping out the poor kitty, and I can understand the having a hard time coming up with the funds. But if it’s really tough for you then maybe you could try loooking around for a animal shelter in your area that has a no kill policy. These places will house cats or look for foster homes for them until they can find a forever home. Or maybe you could put up posters and listing advertising a cat to give away to a good home. [One that can afford the funds to spay]”
    …which part of “a few weeks” did you not understand? She’s neutered and registed now, it’s over, she sleeps curled up on my chest every night, greets me at the door every day after work, and is chasing a ball around my feet as we speak. She and my pet schnauzer now get along like siblings, curling up and taking naps together, and whining with concern when the other is gone. I rescued her, she bonded with me, and giving her away was never an option.
    So how about not insulting people by implying that if they can’t immediately rush out and spend almost $800 with no warning or saving, they’re just not competent to take care of a cat?
    Sorry if that’s coming across as angry or defensive, but this whole thread seems to be a battle between the people who always seem to have hundreds of dollars in disposable income being snobbish and holier-than-thou toward everyone else.
    If someone doesn’t get his cat fixed right away, maybe it’s NOT just because he doesn’t care or is a sadist who likes seeing cats suffer. Maybe it’s just because a new pet involves a lot of expenses, and some of those expenses are more pressing than neutering (such as, for instance, paying the pet deposit quickly so we both don’t end up homeless, or having her tested for illnesses and parasites so the dog I already have doesn’t get sick).
    That was the point of what I wrote, that there are legitimate reasons why someone might not rush out and neuter their cat the moment they get her. Implying that I shouldn’t even have a cat just because it took a few weeks to pay off every other vet and apartment bill (which would be true of most people, I don’t know of anyone who can write off major pet surgery as though they were just ordering pizza) is the height of elitist arrogance.

  143. Meh, I realize that was harsh, especially since the original message was trying to be helpful. But as a devoted cat-lover, the idea of giving her up was always out of the question, and getting everything in order (shots, exams, registration, deposits and neutering) was always a matter of when, not if.
    But the moral of the story still stands: not everyone who doesn’t immediately get a cat neutered is a bad owner. Sometimes they just have to delay neutering because there are other matters more pressing, and are asking for ways to try to help the cat and keep her calm while they wait for the neutering option to become available.
    Even if, in my case, I’d instantly had the money to get her neutered, the waiting list was nearly as long as the time it took me to pay all her other bills anyway. Someone can be perfectly willing to neuter their pet immediately and still not be able to do so, and they could be here asking how to simply make life bearable for both cat and owner in the meantime.
    The constant flood of “my cat’s howling, could she be in heat” posts do get tiresome, and perhaps people should make an effort to learn about cats on their own if they’re going to be cat owners. But everyone who posts here, even the tiring “why’s my cat howling” posts, is just trying to learn about and take care of their cat, which was my only (albeit aggressively delivered) point.

  144. Hey Melina and anyone else who cares about their cats…
    Besides the fact that cats are not people and spaying a cat should in no way be compared to spaying a human being (cats don’t know how to not have sex like a human would, or to enjoy it and use protection) I have another point to make.
    Spaying a cat BEFORE her first heat cycle and “just one litter” can prevent not only bad behavior such as urinating all over your home (yes females do this too) but it GREATLY reduces the risk of cancer and other deadly diseases.
    So when you let your cat have just one litter, go ahead and remember that she now has an extremely high chance of getting cancer when she is older and that if you would have only just shelled out the $20-$150 (depending on your vet) she might just have lived a longer life…

  145. my kitten is now a woman. lol. she sticks her butt in the air and rubs her face on the floor. Does anybody know how long thier cycle will last?

  146. hey my cat is meowing at my dog everytime he comes even in the same room with her, she has no front nails, and is well taking care of… she scratched my mom, dad and we dont no what to do with her.

  147. Where did you go that charges $800 to spay or neuter a cat!! You were ripped off completely. Even with all the shots and vaccinations included that should not have been anywhere NEAR $800!!

  148. Jessica- if your cat has no nails (what a shame) and is just meowing at your dog then I wouldn’t worry about it. Is your cat new to the house? Just give them time to get used to each other…

  149. FYI
    Some helpful advice:
    1. Cats can get pregnant again right after having a litter.
    2. Sibling can mate and have kittens, they do not know or care that they are related.
    3. Cats can be pregnant with 2 litters at the same time from two different Toms.
    4. Cats have an induced heat cycle. If they aren’t currently in heat and you let the cat outdoors and she finds a Tom, the cycle is induced and she will go into heat to attract the Tom. Even more of a reason to have your cat fixed.
    5. As someone mentioned earlier, altering your cat GREATLY reduces the chance of cancer and other diseases later on in life. Why risk it? Wouldn’t that right there make you want to fix your cat?
    6. Females can get pregnant as young as 5 months, like a 12 year old having a baby, this is prevented by spaying.
    7. Many vets will spay or neuter at 10-12 weeks or 2lbs. You do not need to wait until 6 months. If your vet says you do, then find a new vet.
    8. Search around for mobile or low cost clinics near you. It will GREATLY reduce the costs of the surgery and vaccinations. Call a shelter near you because they often have a list of low cost places.
    9. A cat under 1 year should by no means, be having kittens. She is usually not mature enough to handle it. Many things can go wrong with a young mother, kittens could die, she could die, may need a c-section (expensive), may need to be rushed to the vet (also expensive, esp an emergency vet when she has babies in the middle of the night), she could eat or kill her kittens, or even disown them and you will be stuck with an entire litter that needs to be bottle fed and helped in going to the bathroom ever 2 hours or so. You will not be sleeping if this happens.
    Before you say it is too expensive to spay your cat, search around for the lowest price you can find. Low cost clinics are all over the place. Some only charge $10. Email me if you want me to help you locate one in your area. I would be glad to help. Don’t let your cats reproduce. They are being killed every day in shelters all over because there are too many in the world. Why would you want to add to this problem. We all love cats here and love our own cats especially, imagine all the ones in the world that are caged in dirty shelters and being killed because their once loving home had no more time for them, imagine the kittens “donated” to the shelter when their female got pregnant and now the babies are scared and living in a caged environment, imagine the one’s roaming the streets, imagine the strays having their litters in garbage cans in the inner cities, imagine the one’s having babies in the country in fear of preditors hiding nearby. Just put a little effort into it and find someplace to fix your cats. If you cannot find anywhere, for god’s sake keep the cat in the house. Don’t add to the problem. If your unaltered cat is spraying around your house, it is not their fault, that is natural instinct to cover their territory, this probably won’t happen or will stop completely if you just fix the cat.
    That should have summed up all the questions asked on here. I know the next post will be something like “my cat is in heat, what do I do” but hopefully people will start reading the previous posts before asking their questions. I would think that the supervisor of this board would incourage that more, but if not oh well. Just read this and learn a few things about your cat you care so much about. Thank you.

  150. Well, Whisper is around 1 year old and every three weeks she starts her groaning and moaning. Squatting and driving every one crazy. She will not let anyone sleep. Does cats have their cycle every three weeks, and she is not showing anything else with this cycle like blood or anything. Is this normal? I have a female that has already been spayed and she has her so upset she will not even be in the same room with Whisper.Does anyone have any answers or web sites I can go to look up this information. Please feel free to email me. Thanks

  151. Cats have their heat cycles every few weeks it seems, it varies from cat to cat. There is no blood when this happens. How come your cat isn’t spayed yet if she is already a year old? Unfortunately she is now in greater risk for deadly diseases since you didn’t fix her before her first heat, but she is still young so please spay her asap!

  152. I have a question. I have never owned a pet before in my life, to tell you the truth, I was never that fond of animals. My husband tricked me into a cat, which was homeless and was going to his employment everyday for meals. He just brought her home. Great, now the kids are all attached, so any way, she just recieved her shots/worm medicine from the vet, and I have an appointment to get her spayed the week after Thanksgiving, but she is in HEAT! She keeps meowing, wants attention all the time, and is sticking her you know what up in the air. I find it disgusting, but logically I know this is all a part of life and natural. I must survive one week until her appointment! So, I put her into our basement, where we do laundry and stuff, I put her litterbox, food, and water down there. Is this cruel? I am a bit of a neat freak, and was reading the other comments on this website, I would die if she used the bathroom all over my things, not to mention that she is flat our annoying!!!!!! Please let me know if this is cruel.

  153. my cat is just over a year old and she was fixed in july however she has been acting like shes in heat again for a week or two at a time for the last 3 months
    we also have a male kitten who is fixed also i am getting so sick of hearing it
    the vet said that once we got our male fixed that she would stop but she hasnt.
    is it at all possible that the vet missed something during her surgery if so i refuse to pay them again
    i dont know what to do but i know i wont be sticking my finger anywhere
    i think i am going to let her outside if she gets prego then i will take her to the vet and show them that they were worng

  154. PLEASE HELP ME! all three of my female cats have gone into heat for the first time. I have never been more annoyed. what can i do till i get the $$$ to get all three of them fixed, it so expensive too like 150 a cat>>>>HELP>>>

  155. My 7 month old muted tortie tabby “Jewel” has come into heat for the first time. She is the first cat that I have had on my own (had many cats as a child, but, all were spayed or neutered by my parents)Anyway, I had an old baby blanket, (the kind with the satin ribbon around the edge) not sure if that info matters at all. I rubbed it all over her while she was in heat. And, she thinks that it is the best thing since sliced bread. When she starts her rolling and meowing (like crazy) she does it in the blanket. So if the thing gets wet or gross, then I can just put in the washing machine and dryer, then rub it on her again. Thus, saving beds, couches, chairs, etc.
    Hope this helps someone out there. also, I have given her a bath with some very strong shampoo to try and mask the smell to keep Toms off of my porch. It seems to work so far. I think I have about 3 days left then she will be going to the vet for surgery.

  156. I adopted two kittens from a friend who got them originally from a shelter and found herself too busy to care for them. She informed me that they were assumed to be from the same litter, and that her vet suggested she wait until January to spay them so that they would be old enough (or from what I’m reading on the internet, maybe so they’d WEIGH enough for the “going under” part?). Anyway, so when I took them I decided to wait until January to spay them. I made an appointment for MY kitten (my roommate took responsibility for the other) about three weeks ago and the soonest I can get her in is January 4th. Problem: she went into heat two days ago. She has not been loud yet, thank God, but she’s been in a lot of discomfort. We’ve separated her from the other three cats, because they’re being nasty (biting, attacking, etc) to her now that she’s acting strangely to them. My question is this: I called a vet to see if, even though it’d cost me four times as much, I could get her in sooner and spay her. I was told by the vet assistant that it would not only cost me even MORE to spay her while she was in heat, but that it was VERY dangerous to her and that she didn’t recommend I bring the cat in until her heat is over. So…first of all, is it true that it’s dangerous to her? I’ve read both things on the internet from what seem to be reliable sources. Second of all, I’m seeing all over the place that some cats stay in heat until they’re either spayed or pregnant, so how can I tell when it’s safe if it isn’t safe now? Any ideas?

  157. Hi, my cat’s in heat and I want to have her spayed. How long does being in heat last? Should I wait til it’s over to take her to be spayed? She’s howling a lot and it’s making my husband nervous. He’s being mean to her. What can I do to soothe her?

  158. I don’t know if my cat is in heat or not because she does all of the other things like lift her butt up and rub herself on things, but she doesn’t pee on anything and she does constantly look outside and mew not very loudly, but she does do that, so i dont know whats going on. I dont want her to have kittens, and I don’t know how much it would cost to get her fixed. So should i just wait it out or what should i do??

  159. Dear Readers –
    A few months ago I heard crying in my backyard and went out to see two small calico kittens, both females, sitting there.
    I presume they were dumped.
    I had them de-wormed and antibiotic’d.
    They are now young adults.
    The scrawnier one of the two has been in heat for a couple of weeks.
    It stopped and then started up again.
    The other female keeps her company and plays with her all day long…and they lick each other’s privates.
    Peanut, the scrawny one in heat, does the flat, low body dance, with the sexy meow.
    She doesn’t do it constantly – she actually sleeps and eats when she isn’t doing that; so, I think all cats behave differently.
    Just like us – they are all unique personalities and metabolisms.
    When she is begging for it…I tell her…I know what’s going on with you…and I just answer her verbally, until she stops.
    They will stop…if you get mad and shout at them, they will become frustrated and do it more.
    So, talk to them, and then give them something enjoyable to do.
    Play with them with a toy – it distracts them from it.
    The two of them were driving me crazy, chasing each other madly across furniture, and around my small cottage, and I wasn’t getting any sleep.
    Yelling just hurts you, not them.
    I prayed about it and I have one of those glass enclosed showers in my bathroom.
    When they go bezerk at nite, I put both or one of them in the shower with food and water and shut the door.
    They will cry and do the paw thing for awhile, and then they get tired and go to sleep.
    I have found that is the way.
    If they do something you don’t like, like knocking a picture frame down and breaking its glass, or some other bad behavior, put them in the shower for a timeout.
    Keep doing it, and eventually they should begin to follow your cues, rather than expecting you to follow theirs.
    Remember, it’s your house, not theirs – you must not let them take over.
    I will be getting them spayed soon – too close to Christmas right now.
    Hope that helps,
    Merry Christmas,

  160. My kitten is doing the same.Its the first time ever.I thought she had some sort of disease at first.Then I called the vet and described how my cat was acting.She had she was in heat.Iam glad that it aint no mental disease.Iam going to Vegas over the weekend,and I have no idea what to do. xDD I also have an older cat,but she is spayed.Hopefully,I will get the younger cat spayed as well.Do any of you know how much it aprox. costs to get a cat/kitten spayed /after/ the process of heat?

  161. My cat Annie is a beautiful Siamese. She is very soft and is a kitten. We had gotten her around August but she was born in May. My cat has been acting really funny she has been meowing like crazy her tail stays off to the side so it doesn’t cover her butt. I feel really bad for her. She hasn’t stopped meowing she lays on the floor trying to get something off ( I don’t know what she is trying to get off) , She walks like there is something on her back there again I don’t know what she is trying to get off, even when she is sleeping she sounds like she is humming its really hard to describe. This has occurred for 2 days it started December 23.2005. Please tell me what is wrong with my kitten I hope it is not something vital! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter! Im really scared for my kitten im 13 and im just plain scared for her i hope she is ok how long will her being in heat take?

  162. Calm down, don’t be scared, she is in heat like EVERY OTHER PERSONS CAT IS ON HERE. The only way to stop it is to spay her, it is wrong to put her in the shower for a time out so please dont take that horrible advice. THE ONLY way is to spay and if you do it BEFORE the first heat, anywhere from 4-7 months, it will GREATLY reduce their risks of cancer and pyometra when they are older.
    So people, quit asking what is wrong with your cat! THEY ARE ALL IN HEAT. Read previous posts and if you still can’t figure it out, maybe you should rethink having a cat in the first place.

  163. LaynaLand-that is awful advise, why aren’t you having your cat spayed? You cannot punish a cat for your ignorance, she is not doing anything wrong.

  164. oh dear. Yes i know my 5 month old is in heat, yes i will get her spayed as soon as the vets reopen after Christmas but meanwhile all we want to do is to help her/comfort her. Apart from the blanket/cuddle idea any others? I think most folk are asking for this information really. thanks in advance/

  165. i cat is very horny and I DONT KNOW WHY!!!!!and i think im might have a slight case of cabin fever…

  166. For those of you asking when it will end. It basicly never will… Female cats are ‘spontanious ovulators’ they will either always be either in heat or pregnet after about 6 months of age until they are spayed… sad but true.

  167. My kitten is in heat and of course it won’t stop. She is now urinating and deficating on our carptet and not in the litter boxes that we have. She’s always been a really good cat and now that she’s gone in heat she’s out of her mind. I can’t afford to spay her but I need her to stop using my carpet as a litter box… any ideas?


  169. my cat has been fixed in july i posted a while ago….
    she is at the vet today and is being re fixed because part of her ovary was left and regrew another on poor kitty . hopefully this all works out for the best maybe i can get some sleep again .

  170. My cat has a Urinary Tract Infection and I know that because I took her to the vet. But she is acting like she is in heat, which she has already been spayed. Can she be acting like she’s in heat because of the Urinary Tract Infection? Could that be a side effect or something from the medicine that she is taking for the UTI?

  171. Wow I cant believe some of the arrogant people on here! I have read almost every single post since 2003 and My guess would be that people keep asking the same ?’s #1 because they feel like it!!!! or #2 because 90% of the ?’s remain UNANSWERED!!! I too am a first time cat owner My cat is a year and half she has had several “heat” sessions. She has her appt for spaying Feb 6th however, did I know that cats pretty much stay in heat? NOPE SURE DIDNT! I am sure there are many other first time cat owners that did not know either. Who are you people to JUDGE others? And I was raised on 2 and half acres with every kind of animal you could think of except a cat because growin up we were all allergic. So to tell me that I should not have a cat because I didnt do my research first is ABSURD!!! Vet visits get very expensive! I mean there are millions of animals that go without for their entire lives. so to try to make these people think they have done some type of crime because they have put it off for a little while is ridiculous!!!

  172. About 6 months ago i found 3 abondoned kittens and have been taking care of them eversince. Recently, one of my cats (all girls) has gone into heat and ive heard you cannot get your cat spayed until she is done with her cycle, how long does the cycle usually last and how much does it cost to get a cat spayed?

  173. my cat was just fixed for the second time and she seems to be doing fine i can sleep again !!!!
    a small part of her ovary stayed behind and reattached and regrew itself on there again.
    to the last poster you CAN have your cat spayed while she is in heat it just costs a little extra $20??
    best of luck to all i know how you all feel and now its done for me take care

  174. my cat i believe just went into heat and i had no idea it started so young and that it was continuous. i am calling the SPCA this morning to set up an appt. regular cost of a spay for her is $60, so i am anticipating paying $80 or so since she is in heat and most likely will be until i get her spayed. With google around you can find out almost anything you could ever want to know. here is a website i found that answered some questions http://www.sff.net/people/
    support your local humane shelters and especially no kill shelters. get your cats and encourage others to get them from shelters- cats there have all their shots and have been spayed and neutered and it will help the EPIDEMIC we have in this country regarding domestic animals.
    Best of Luck, and please read the previous posts before repeating what has already been said- Thanks!

  175. We think our cat is in heat for the first time and we put her in our garadge. She kneels down on her front legs and sticks her buttox in the air. She also wont stop purring. She makes crying noises too. Can you help?

  176. well my cat is in heat and she is driving crazy. i cant sleep. and she is going pee on my things. i hope she is out of this soon

  177. This is my firt cat and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help sooth the pain or stop the crying of my kitten who is in heat? Also is it possible to get her fixed while she is in heat? And how long does this last?

  178. This message is in addition to the few people who have pointed out no one comes here to be insulted.
    As we all know, (or maybe the people who feel it is their prerogative really have no idea because they are so perfect, they have no disruption in their lives) it is an absolutely agonising time that drives you near to insanity when your cat is on heat, and you can barely say a full sentence aside thinking clearly enough to read or search extensively.
    Type “soothe cat in heat” in google search and you do not come up with an answer, only forums like this or sites that explain why they are on heat, not how to soothe them.
    I have read through most, but as my head is thudding, it is very difficult to read ALL, but the majority of posts are questions, and maybe 2 or 3 are people kind enouh to offer some kind of response to these questions.
    What are forums for???? Sharing information.
    So before you decide to go ahead and speak like you are the high and mighty king of cat welfare… forget it right now and go start your own “bag the cat people forum”.
    Do any of you take your cats where ever you go? Feed them good food 3 times a day? have your cats sleep in the same bed as you and your partner? Treat them as they are your children (if you do not have children)?
    I don;t want to hear anyone talk to me about cruelty and welfare and bulshit, all i want to know is “HOW DO YOU SOOTHE A CAT IN HEAT”!!
    The breeders are the ones obviously with the answers, but whos sharing?! Probably the firtst to say get your cat spayed to douse competition.
    I do not question anyone, whether its an issue of affordability, knowledge, availablitity, future plans, or they just feel mean.
    But my example.
    Though lots of people like to the throw in the millions of unwanted kittens line PLEEEASE! Do you know actually how hard it is to get a kitten from a shelter in Australia? But when it comes to Burmese kittens, the supply does not nearly meet the demand and the cost of a kitten from a breeder is ridiculous, especially when you would go to that expense only to have many many more costs involved.
    I got my first kitten at a stage I needed …something! where most womens maternal instincts say its tme to have a baby, I knew that was not a good idea.
    In the middle of a break up, having treatment for cancer among other traumatic things, I wanted something to love.
    He was the first thing I thought of and considered in everything. He was a Burmese Male tom, and I intended to have him fixed, but I loved him so much, I couldn’t bare it when he was ill, (he was ill often)and I fought with myself over if it were your son, would you have him have a vasectomy? Although I iknow this is unrealistic, couldn;t help it.He was so wonderful, I also wanted more of him, for other people with needs. I ended up getting a girl playmate, as I was going to hospital often and he was lonely.
    Thought may as well let them have kittens. But they were both too young, inspite of her going on heat at 4months!
    At eight months, which was still to young, she fell pregnant when I was not home in time to seperate them when she went into heat.
    4 beautiful kittens which are very much loved by the owners….I lost my boy whe the kittens were 11 weeks old, which has devastated me more than I ever have been. I could not bare to ‘sell’ the kittens, which are part of him, so I kept his 2 boys, and ‘gave his 2 girls to people I see frequently and also are in need of that special love.
    My Girl has mourned him for so long, and has just now, when the kittens are 16 weeks old, come into heat… the boys are scared! I’m scared and still have no answer!
    Anyone think I should spay her and deny other people the love of a kitten>?
    There was no lack of wanting, I took them to the beach and was approached 5 times with offers!!!!
    Anyway…long story I know.. but you see my point, so rack the hell off to put it nicely.
    To the peopel who are asking “what do I do?!” i ahven;t found answers either.
    Its a secret. The cotton bud theory may work, but who is going to go and do that!!!? Good luck to you if you are brave enough, apparently breeders do this although I did not hear that from a breeder. The things that do work a little bit… Playing… totally revert for the time they ar eplaying to their normal behaviour.
    My cat like s to sleep under my doona and cuddle up to my legs… she does nothing weird during the night and makes no noise.
    although it is very difficult for me to do, if I lock her in my bedroom, where its warm and comfy, she gives up calling after 10 minutes (must shut the blinds though.)
    I don’t know if petting makes her worse, but it certainly does not make her better.
    If anyone has even a tiny tip, they all add up to some help for the people who can;t seem to get any.
    If you cannot resist posting a pig headed abusive message, I suggest you put your email address in it. If your confident enough in what you have to say, then you should be confident enough to do this.
    Good luck to everyone else.

  179. My goodness the negativity on this site is unbelievable. I thought that all pet owners would be nice to each other and share their experiences. Thank you very much to those of you who did share their experience with the rest of us. That’s all people that come to this site want, info.
    I’ve learned quite a bit from those of you who were nice enough to share your experience. Though you have to take some of it with a grain of salt, like relieving your Queen by using a rubber glove. Yuck!
    Plus, I think that would just make her worse, not better. I believe that all of you love your cats, but some of you can’t get along with people very well. I do agree though that there’s a lot of repetition here, so if you don’t want this page to be so dagnabbed long, then just read before you post. :>)
    Thanks again to all of you who were very helpful in knowing what to expect from my Belle’s heat cycle. She is getting spayed on the 20th of this month. Hooray! Oh, one last thought for those of you who can’t afford to get their cats spayed right away, someone way back there had said get some earplugs, good idea!

  180. my cat is three or four months old (she is a stray) and she is already in heat! i feel so bad for her… being an early bloomer sucks.

  181. theresa…as for your cat and not wanting to declaw..try soft paws..its like putting a knife in its leather holder..the vet can do it or they have them at major pet suppliers if your kitty is calm enough to let you put them on..good luck

  182. This is insane, of course your cats are in heat, that’s what animals do, they go into heat. You guys are all here to bitch about your cats keeping you up at night, and I don’t understand it, because either you didn’t do your research when bought your kitty, or you just like to complain. My cats in heat as well, and has been for the past couple of months. We have an appointment to get her spayed, but until then we are dealing with it, and believe me we don’t have it easy, she’s peeing on everything, fighting with her sister, and is all over us all the time. We understand that this is not her fault, if anything it’s our fault for waiting so long to get her spayed. I really hope you people are not punishing your cats for your negligance.

  183. Oh, and “Mary”, you’re a f****ng idiot!! What are you doing here, go out back and carve up your deer meat!!

  184. Hi…I know my kitten is in heat but she is to young to get spayed. Is there any way i can just make her more comfotable?
    Thanks for the help

  185. Ok so here’s the deal: you can’t make them more comfortable!!! I just wanted to get that out of the way. BUT you can distract them for up to 3 hours! It’s PURE BLISS! and you do this by bathing them, then when they are wet they are to distracted by licking themselves to think of anything else. When my cats in heat i throw her under the water almost daily(no soap, just water.) But seriosly it works, and it’s helpful to get a few hours of peace. I hoep this helps.

  186. Dear Readers:
    I am a college student, living on my own. I definately don’t have much money, but I do have a six month year old cat who goes into heat maybe every few weeks. It drives me nuts. I did some research, and I found many great not-for-profit organizations that preform the surgery for low costs. There are even some orgs. that do the surgery for free if the owners present proof of financial need. There is no reason to go to a vet and get charged upwards into several hundred dollars. I have an appointment with an org. called CatSnip that charges $60 for females and $40 for males. There is no extra charge if the cat is in heat at the time of the surgery. She is also having all her shots, is being checked/treated for worms/fleas/earmites,and will be given a “complementary nail clipping.” Everything is going to cost me about $100. Of course CatSnip is just one Atlanta based organization. My point is that there are many qualified/cerified physicians out there who want cats to be taken care of, and aren’t working for profits. So, definately check the internet for places in your area, and I’m sure you’ll find that you have more options than the vet.

  187. Hi,
    My cat is in heat for her first time and i have her brother.We have her in her own room and it has food,water and litter box. Should we always keep them apart or should we let them be together. How long does this last. And how do i make her feel any better. I went downstairs and she was all happy to see us. But how come she is in so much pain?

  188. My 10 month kitten has just started on heat and she looks like she’s in pain. Apart from getting spayed, is there anything I can do?

  189. My kitten is on heat and she has been rolling on the floor and groaning alot. Does being ‘on heat’ mean your kitten/cat will be cleaning and licking alot, especially down there?

  190. to willy, no DO NOT LET THE BROTHER AND SISTER be in the same room. i am currently fostering 9 kittens that are a result of a mother mating with her son. yes, it happens. apparently the previous owners thought a cat in heat would be more discriminate. kittens will go to new homes once they are heavy enough to spay or neuter. around here, vets will do them starting at 2 pounds, it’s an anesthesia thing. also, around here we have free feral spay clinics that are offered for farmers with wild barn cats or anyone feeding a stray. once a month vets donate their time, someone humanely traps the cats and they are spayed or neutered then returned to their habitat. apparently there have been studies about how ineffective it is to just round up the cats and euthanize them. releasing an altered cat back into its colony keeps the numbers down. i checked the internet and they are offered in different states, check yours.

  191. I just wanted to say hey to all the cat lovers out there. I have 4, yup 4, beautiful PERSIAN cats. One male, which had to be fixed due to health problems, and 3, loving females, which aren’t fixed (and boy does it get loud! Although I would never ?pleasure? my cat. That?s just not my cup of tea.). It amazes me that some of the people on here are so quick to pass judgment and be rude about not altering your cats. How many cats do you actually have that you have altered?? If you think its the responsible thing to do why don’t you go pick up all the strays in town and take them and get fixed??? Too costly??? Yeah that?s what I thought. I personally wish to breed my beautiful sweeties because they are such a joy to have and I wish everyone could experience that. And to all those rude “Spay or BUST people” you might pass out when I tell you this it?s another ?IRRESPONSIBLE? thing … ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN DECLAWED… Its funny that you are all about cutting them open to rip out there insides but you don?t want to cut them open to remove their claws??? My cats never step foot outside unless it is in my arms, therefore why should they have their claws just to tear things up? They are just as happy and just as loving as they were before being declawed…
    So to all the TRUE KIND HEARTED CAT LOVERS? It should be your choice to spay/neuter/declaw your pet? Others opinions shouldn?t matter or make you feel like you are being IRRESPONSIBLE? I know how you feel you came here to just express yourself even thought it might be repetitive? Isn?t that what this is for??? So go ahead express yourself?
    Peace Out!
    And if you don?t like what I have to say? Oh well its my opinion? Sorry but you should be out saving the cats in the world that haven?t been altered if you have such a problem with it.

  192. Our cat is in heat but she is an inside cat and she isnt allowed outside. It is driving my parent and I crazy! & Like Somebody said up there you can get them fixed and it wont cost as much? Please email me the answers!! Thanks, Abbey.

  193. I’m going crazy with my kitten.She has been peeing on things for the past few days(bedding,furniture)pooped in my kids chair.Does anyone know if she is doing this because she is in heat or could it be something else.I really hate to get rid of her she was a birthday present from one of my kids!Help!!!!!!!!Email me with ant info.Thank You!!!!

  194. -N-
    As far as Altering and Declawing goes…
    They are entirely different things, declawing can cause behavior problems for one thing. Do you know they scream when being declawed dispite being put out for it? It is illegal in most other countries also. Plus, if you are so worried about furniture being ruined, it is much less expensive and hard on the cat to but a product like SOFT CLAWS or SOFT PAWS depending on where you get it.
    If a cat goes without being spayed it can get Pyometra which is life threatening and the only way to fix it is to spay the cat. They can also get Ovarian Cancer. Males are far more likely to get Testicular Cancer and various other cancers. I just don’see why anyone would want to take that risk. Altering cuts it back by a very high percentage.
    Plus, when you breed cats, you should know the entire genetic history of both cats involved in the breeding. You should know what diseases or problems run in the particular cat’s genetic makeup to know that it will not pop up in the current generation of cats. There could be various disease, deformities, etc. Just a lot of things to think about before you bred yours.
    To anyone else, if you would like to know of low cost spay and neuter clinics in your area, go to SPAYUSA.COM then scroll to your state. Or try a google search if there are none listed that are close to you. Or email me if you like 🙂 You can also call a rescue or SPCA near you and ask them.

  195. Another thing:
    to those who said their cat is too young to spay. SPAYING CAN BE DONE AT 7 or 8 WEEKS or 2 POUNDS.
    to the one with a brother and sister cat: DEFINATELY keep them seperate, he can get her pregnant, ALL THE TIME, not just when in heat. NEVER put them together, it take a few minutes for the deed to be done, don’t chance it.
    to the one who said he just tosses the cat under the water…Why? Sure it may help temperarily, but to do that to your cat repeatedly is not very kind or pleasent to the cat. She could decide to start fearing you and see you as an enemy so to speak because you throw her in the water. Just look for someplace cheap and spay her already, then you don’t have to do this to her daily and she doesn’t have to go through that small trauma.

  196. If there is any negativity on this site, it is probably because nobody appears to know how to scroll up on the page and read others answers. Every question asked on here is BASICALLY the same one.
    Whoever says that no one is answering questions, just yelling to spay your cat, it is because that IS the only answer. Only ways to soothe the cat are temporarily, meaning a couple hours.
    Sometimes people really do not know what to do, or what the symptoms of heat are. Sometimes cats just find you when you are not really ready or even know a thing about cats. But everyone has access to a computer and the internet. When your new furry friend finds you, look up a little information about it.
    When you find sites like this, where people do not post all that often, simply scroll up the page and read a couple posts and you will see the answer to your problem with your cat in heat and what to do about it.
    If anyone is interested, visit thecatsite.com for every cat answer ever and for almost immediate answers from a lot of different people including vets!

  197. my cat keeps on going into heat i thought she was pregnant but i don’t know if cats can be pregnant and still go into heat. please i need some help with this problem.

  198. If she is in heat then she is most likely not pregnant unless it JUST happened. You really don’t want her pregnant…if you look in your area you can find a low cost clinic. Try SpayUSA.com
    Remember though, if she is pregnant, she can actualy still mate and get pregnant with two litters at once by the same or different fathers. So keep her inside only! It just takes a second to get out and get pregnant. Even with supervision outside, she could still run off when instincts play a factor.
    Please spay her!

  199. my cat is on heat and i saw her and her brother mate and im not quiet sure if they did have sexual intercause or not because they are only 4 months old although she is showinf sings of heat and he is not. please help me

  200. Hey you stated to e-mail you for information on a clinic in my area…my funds are low but i need to get her spayed right away, she is 11 months and this is her first time..is that normal please respond back with the clinic info..PLEASE.

  201. Hey you stated to e-mail you for information on a clinic in my area…my funds are low but i need to get her spayed right away, she is 11 months and this is her first time..is that normal please respond back with the clinic info..PLEASE. I live in the Central Valley in Ca. and any way i could save $ would be great for me n my kitty!:)

  202. I got my Cat spayed three weeks ago. Last week she hissed and spat at me, then tried to kill me with her claws and teeth! She did the same to my sister today and one day after she did it to me.
    She has gone vicious!

  203. My Cat is a Tuxedo, she meows like a siamese cat and acts like a lion, anything that may have happened?
    She seems to be protecting her kittens, although she doesn’t have any.

  204. I don’t know if anyone answered these questions- I’m sure they did though somewhere and I passed by it. Before I got my cat spayed she used to urinate on anything and everything (I thought she had a bladder infection or something)- However when I got her spayed she quit instantly. Another cheap place to get your cat spayed or neutered would be trying The Neuter Scooter. http://www.neuterscooter.com/
    I took my cat there because I didn’t have a lot of money to pay the high prices from vets to get her fixed. They charge like 40-50 dollars. This includes a free rabies shot and a Fel-vex shot. The only problem with this is that they are only open to a couple of states. So if they do your state go ahead and try it. They did an excellent job on my cat and I couldn’t be more pleased. Just thought I might be able to help : )

  205. I have a 5 month old pregnate female cat. She is a completely outdoor cat and it is summer (I thought the weather might matter a bit because she is always outside. I was just wondering about how long will she be pregnate???

  206. Sorry the last ones got messed up. My female cat which was originally stray is pregnate. We’re guessing she is about 5 months old. She is a completely outdoor cat and it was summer when she got pregnate. Just to let you people out there that might be offended, we put up found cat signs and no one responded, then we continued feeding her and she came back every day. We can’t let her inside beacause we have another male cat who tries to kill her.

  207. Anyone who’s cat is in heat and you are in need of calming your cat down until you are able to get your cat spaded can contact me. I just invented a supplement that you give your cat when it first goes into heat. I have a cat myself and for about a good nine months she was in and out of heat, driving me crazy. Since I have been administering this supplement to my cat, she has not given me a problem since. At the beginning of each heat cycle, you administer the supplement orally every twelve hours until the cat calms down. The cost is $14.00 for anyone who is interested. You can send me an email at hdnorristown@aol.com

  208. can someone please tell me what could be wrong with my male cat… he’s been peeing a bit more then usual.. it did that days then it stopped and 4 weeks later it started again?? its’ been 3-4 days now.. today he peed 4 times.. but 2 of the times were 15 mins apart.. could he be in heat or could it be UTI?? PLEASE HELP ME I’m SO WORRIED ABOUT MY LITTLE BABY!!!

  209. Can a cat go into heat and be pregnant? Please help I really need to know beause my kitty is showing signs of being pregnant, but shes in heat? whats going on

  210. We have a female cat that is in heat and a male that is fixed. One of them is peeing all over the place and we don’t know which one it is? If we put the male cat up to it, he goes crazy and tries to run away. If we put the female up to it, she just sits there and smells it?? Is this telling us it is the male peeing??

  211. My cat is in heat and she is 9 months old. Shes not fixed or sprayed. and if we let her out she will be pregnet. But we cant let her be pregnet. and we cant get her fixed because our last one was and she died.. So. We dont want to waste any money. What can I do to help my cat? Please help me. Thank you if you do.

  212. my cat is nearly one she has not been sprayed, she keeps crouching down on the floor and is being affectinate towards me whats wrong with her

  213. Hey guys, be sure to give your cat lots of affection, I heard it might end the cat’s heat cycle a lot sooner than usual.

  214. Heat cycle lasts 4 to 7 days. A cat can be spayed during a heat cycle, but it will be more expensive than when she’s not in heat.
    You also will have to make sure that the cat has her rabies shot as most vets won’t spay if a cat hasn’t had her shots, and if they do agree to do it, they will put the cat in quarantine after the spaying (more money).
    Try a local animal shelter or the SPCA for low cost spaying.
    Cats will spray during heat as they are marking their territory.

  215. My kittens are approaching 1 year in age, male and female, and they have both been “fixed” after their 4th month. They are brother and sister, their parents were brother and sister. I’d like to know if they will instinctly have sexual relations even if they have been spayed and neutered. I was awakened at 1am in the morning to see them at the foot of my bed crotched in a feline sexual position. I’m concerned and a little traumatized. Should I expect to see them mate at any point of the day or night? Shouldn’t getting them fixed prevent that instinct from developing if they’ve never been in heat?

  216. my female cat keeps peeing and pooping in places she shouldent… is there something wrong with her or is she just being lazy?

  217. my cat is 8 months old she is in heat she never been outside before she got out it is very cold and lots of snow will she survive and will she come home and how long she hss been gone for 2 days i have been up looking for her had no sleep at all can you tell me what to do Thank You

  218. my female cat is driving me crazy she crys constenly and rubs against everything. she we are wieghting untill she stops her heat cycle to get her fixed but until then how can we comfert her?

  219. we had our male cat fixed awhile ago but she has been running around like she is in heat can she still get that feeling she is meorwing and just roams around she is a indoor cat. thank you

  220. If your cats have been fixed they will still do the position thing KINSEY. It is an instinct, I dont believe they know what they do it for, just they should do it, but no they will not “mate” as neither of them have the equiptment to mate. As far as it being ‘sexual’ animals dont think like that, all they know is they need to mate, but don’t worry there won’t be any kittens later.
    Bonnie: So sorry about your cat, I have found that female cats will come home if they can find it, male cats on the other hand just become tom cats, this is just from my experience. Try putting some old clothing of yours around the neighborhood in bushes, ect, and maybe she will follow the scent home. Try one direction first, like to the south, then the other so she is not following a circle.

  221. To all of you who keep talking about “getting your cat off with a Q-tip” …. that’s disgusting! How can you do that & not feel weird about it?!

  222. To keep a female cat quiet during the heat phase you can use an antihistamine by the brand name of Piriton. This must be the Piriton that contains Chlorphenamine/Chlorphenarimine as this drug is slighty sedating and will calm the cat down. You can give 2-4mg once a day. It does work as I have used this with my own cat.