Worst Job at Christmas

Unless you’re a real people lover of course, would be someone in retail. My heart goes out to siri_girl , and hope her training ends quickly and mercifully.

Other than that I’m waiting for WindowsXP some more. In the last few days it has dramatically slowed down. I think my new anti-virus software is at fault though, so I’m just waiting for the hard drives to finish optimizing and then I’m going to put AVG back on.

Zoon seems to be out of heat now, thank the cat $DEITIES. She seems almost back to normal, playing with the boys balls (not those balls, the ones that roll along on the ground and make tinkling noises…. never mind) and being far more herself.

Another couple of business possibilities have popped up for me as well. They are still in the talking stages, but they sound good. Thanks to those who put the people onto me. The one I’m most impressed with is where they sent me full specs with flow charts, database setup, and timeline! Wow! I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that in a project 🙂 Scary. Of course, how well those specs hold out over time has yet to be seen (assuming I get said project), but it’s good to see nonetheless. I think I’ll steal their format for future projects of mine as well, as it’s nice to see everything down in one place.

Legs hurt a bit from yesterdays workout, but not bad. I think the running I’ve been doing has helped keep my upper legs in shape, though my left calve is just burning right now. I did some light cardio this morning to make sure I’ll be able to be upright tomorrow, and not in severe muscle pain.

Tonight is the night! Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers will be seen at the 8pm show in Mission Silver City. Be there, or not, I don’t care, but I will be there! Ohhh…. I’m all excited again. Only 7.40h to go!

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  1. arc, someone just mentioned your sympathetic post to me, and so, a little over a month later, i get to say thanks. and yes, it was hell. and also, i had no idea you read my blog! what’re you up to these days? email me sometime, it’s been a while