Lazy Daze

Well, aside from some more messed up dreams last night, not much happened today. Hung out a bit with Dragon, hit the FS in Abby to see if the cheap $89 DVD player would play the SVCD he had, annoyed the salespeople by not buying anything. Were invited to an office party for the guy in charge of the ASP project and got a chance to meet the rest of the team, who appear quite normal for working on such a crazy project (“Just a couple of web pages, not much”). Aside from annoying the heck out of Firefly by de-evolving back into talking geek stuff (propellor head talk as W put it), it was cool. We got out of there a bit after 11pm with the months paycheck (yay) and some gifts (chocolates and other nifty goods).

6 Comments on “Lazy Daze”

  1. Well, hard to say πŸ™‚ Since they didn’t actually have anything hooked up to it to display, we couldn’t tell. The salesguy came over and put it in, looked at the light that lit up on the “CD” part, and said “I just can’t tell.” My under the breath response was along the lines of “no shit sherlock, that’s why we asked ‘do you have this hooked up to a tv?’.”
    It didn’t show any obvious error though, flashing lights or smoke anyway. I think that it played mp3 disks and kodak photo CD disks as well, and for $89, hell, great deal (I paid $300ish) for mine a couple of years ago πŸ™ ). The EpII svcd did work fine in another dvd player we tried that was hooked up to something.

  2. In the summer that unit was $99 and my Dad bought one and really liked it so he bought two more, one each for me and my brother πŸ™‚ I’m also getting a Flat screen TV and a CD burner…. not too many surprises for me this year πŸ™‚

  3. Nice haul! I don’t think my prospects this Christmas are quite that good unfortunately, though a package from my relations in England showed up a couple of days ago. Sadly they are all mad over there, so who knows what is inside!

  4. I’m tempted to get a DVD player… my laptop has one, except the laptop isn’t fast enough to actually play them smoothly.

  5. The $89 looks like a pretty good deal, it’s an apex, and like I said it seems to play everything. I’m almost tempted to get it and sell mine, but mine has a nice LCD readout, and I doubt I could get good $ for it these days, with deals that that around πŸ™‚