Of Robert Burns

Finally I have proof that the cats are trying to kill me! Last night, under the guise of playing around with the keys and wallets in the front hall, one of the evil little agents placed my Canada pin (without the little back part) that is normally on my jacked (except that I lost the little back part) in my shoe, sharp end up! I put on my shoes this morning and feel a bit of a sharp prick, a bit more than just hitting something pointed. I pull my foot out of my shoe and look and there is my pin embedded in my toe. It was in flush, with the pin all the way into the flesh of my poor toe. I pulled it out (oh that was fun) and got no sympathy, none at all. I think the cats were laughing in the background though, and muttering something like “that’ll show him for not letting us run out in the hallway again.”

Now, if I may digress back to my original thought…

Robbie Burns, I totally get you.

No, I spent no money at the cheap computer store today 🙂

Today saw the largest computer rehash seen in this office since…. well, since before we moved in. New fans, fishbowl retired, oh my!

My though this morning was this: I can’t keep naked with the new board, it only had one PCI slot (needed for the SCSI card) so I couldn’t move the Firecard into it and retire fishbowl. I thought of ways around this though. I could move the pIII-500 from naked to the windows box (garfield), and put either garfield’s guts or the pII-300 back into naked. This would give me the same speed as before on naked (still faster than a Pentium 133 with 64mb ram), and a faster windows box. The Firecard could live in naked as was planned before, and all would be well. Well, I got started pulling boxen apart and realized that the PIII board has no AGP, so my nice video card wouldn’t work (and I do like fast graphics you see).

So the best laid plans you see…

However, I still sprang into action! Naked’s recompile stopped (a silly idea in the first place) and the PIII board was replaced with the PII. At the same time fishbowl was shut down and the Firecard, and all it’s drives (a 2G and two 400 meggers, not sure what I’ll do with them just yet, but they’re installed) were moved into naked. I popped into town and got a couple of nice fans which were put into Phoenix (my workstation) replacing older fans, which were moved into naked (who need them now with a full bay of hard drives!). Minor fan surgery (and the removal of a lot of almost-dustpuppies) was also done on shiny, Firefly’s box. The first powerbar in the long chain of powerbars I have circling the office was also changed from the worst one I had to a better one with lots of surge protection and what not.

I think that that’s about all I did. Everything is done, all the boxes have fans (though I may put a couple more in naked depending on how hot he gets) and there is one less running. Fishbowl is sitting in the closet, ready to be taked out when a system is needed in an emergency.

It may be me but the office seems just a tiny bit cooler as well. Well, until I fire up the Alpha of course 🙂