So much for that idea

Well, so much for an inspiring day of work. Most of the morning was spent screwing around with my Jabber server, which since my major debian unstable upgrade a while back on ufies had been busted. I finally tracked it down to the AIM transport which also provides ICQ access for the server. No amount of recompiling, re-installing, or debugging could coax it to let me connect to it without crashing, although I did manage to send out maybe one or two message (sometimes) before it crashed. I’ll get back to it later maybe. The other ICQ transport, icqv7-transport simply refuses to run for me, and tells me “Router disconnected” about 5 seconds after it starts up. Maybe an email or two to the developer might help. Again, in a bit.

This morning’s failures left me out of it, not much else productive got done 🙁 There’s lots to do, just not anything hugely pressing (ie: a big project that’s due right away), so my inspiration level is way down.

On the bright side, the modules that needed to be finished for the ASP project (learning management software) got finished, and I’m just waiting for a final list of stuff that needs to be tweaked before it can be said to be done. Probably a couple of little things here and there, making it pretty and stuff. But the actual code is all done, which is happy. One more thing to add to the resume I guess, or at least the repoitoire.

Naked is still compiling happily to update everything from pentium2 to pentium3 optimizations. The only disadvantage to this is the network cable is laying across my lap as I sit here, and it’s quite annoying. Before I started this (long) process I didn’t put the box back on the floor where the cable can be snaked along the floor under the desk. It’s recompiling libpng now, but of course I have no idea how far along it really is.

Heading into Vancouver with a friend who is heading up to Atic to buy some stuff and needed some company. I plan to leave my wallet in the car 🙂 The only two things that I could see myself being able to justify purchases would be a new CPU for my Windows box. It’s currently a Celeron 533 which is an ok system, but some of the stuff I’m doing now in windows is requiring a bit more power. According to specs it will take up to a 933 PIII/PII/Celeron, and if I can find one of those for cheap, that might be a cheap boost of power to the box. And while Atic does have some P3’s listed, this board requires a single edged processor (slot1 I think). Of course, no one sells such things anymore, so I’ll deal until the big bucks come in and I can afford to upgrade myself properly 🙂

The other thing would be a nice big hard drive to deal with things, but as my research from earlier shows, the best deal is probably the Western Digital 120G/8M/7200rpm, but it’s still $285 that I really don’t need to spend, especially with a big pile of CDs in front of me (see mom, I’m getting better!).

Maybe a couple of cheap case fans though….. Hmm….

I guess in theory I could put the windows box onto the new motherboard/cpu that I just put in naked, and trade with the celeron 533 that got put in naked, but then I loose a couple of other bonus bits that don’t matter on a server (no AGP graphics slot) but would matter on a day to day use box. Yea, maybe a $6 case fan to keep my hard drives cool. I’ll probably leave my wallet at home though 🙂