What I did today

  1. Laundry and garbage, ah the glamour.
  2. Called the municipality about the already dangerous blind corner that now has a house and fence on it, giving a driver about four seconds between seeing a car rounding the bend for the first time and being hit.
  3. Dealt with a non-issue for one of my contracts… ie: “please hit reload and confirm that the site is not up…. that’s what I though, goodbye.”
  4. Did more work for another contract. I love billing for a minium amount of time when the work actually takes about five minutes to do.
  5. Did my good deed for the year and helped out someone whose car had broken down outside the neighbors. Firefly took her to the gas station to get gas, but when she came back the car wouldn’t turn over, so I jumped her (hey, shut up), but that didn’t do any good (I said shut up!) so I called BCAA for her. Turns out I’m not allowed to do that for people who I’m not driving with though, but oh well.
  6. Grabbed a nice nVidia GeForce 3 from my buddy Oneiros. I can’t tell a huge amount of difference between it an my previous card, but 3 is higher than 2, so it must be good right? It also frees up a potential card to move to another computer, or use to create my own PVR. The only problem with this was the guy is out in deep Vancouver, up past the Capilano Suspension Bridge, so it was a bit of a drive. Traffic wasn’t bad, caught the start of the rush up to the bridge, but it was only (only) an hour each way.
  7. Was gotten a hold of by somone looking for a Linux/Perl programmer to do work for them. Thanks for the pointer Cuv.
  8. Finally got an undisclosed piece of windows development software installed on my windows box in such a way it doesn’t crash when it starts (ie: a clean install).

Right now I just want to have dinner, watch a little Buffy, maybe head to the gym for a bit of an arm/leg workout, and then sleep blissfully for about 10 hours.

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