Da Fingertiiiiips

Got up at 8, went for a run. Came home, eat, showered, vegged a bit and played around with a backup program called mondo-rescue. Cat5 came by, went went to the climbing gym and discovered that my fingertips are in no way near the same shape that they once were, and that all the work at the gym I’ve been doing has been somehow avoiding the muscles that I’m using to climb. After a while we both decided that we were dead and came back here, watched a movie, and vegged.

Mondo is still kinda iffy for me. I’m thinking that I could backup my main system, without my home directory or anything so that I have a backup to restore from if I need to, move my home files to another drive, nuke my system and put it on RAID0 (striping for speed and performance) and leave all my data on the RAID5 array. I’m currently restoring my system onto a vmware session to see how it goes… much as the guy claims that mondo hasn’t made any bad backups since 2000, ‘m not going to trust him if I can verify that I can create a new system without error.

I’m gettig some “fileset #xxx - restore FAILED" so I am going to try again until it works properly.

In my love of RAID I'm also working on some slides for the FVLUG meeting on Monday to show everyone why they should never have to lose 40G of music and movies to a bad harddrive.

My first week of work at the new job went well. Like I said, the people are nice and the work is interesting. What I've been doing is trailing along behind the lead programmer and converting normal DBI into the new DBIx and implementing the Embperl::Form::Validate for form validation to get rid of lots of ugly Javascript code, implementing a new login system, and all sorts of other nifty stuff. I figure that next week I'll work the same Wednesday to Friday so I get the benifit of the "casual" (jeans are allowed) Friday. Also I think I might be putting the motherboard back into the UFies box, along with a new power supply and seeing if that works for more than a day at a time.

Mental note: find out and eliminate the funny smell coming from the fridge. Maybe it's Tig's bag of peas, time warped like Jason R did to a mouse with a pellet gun in high school.