Sunny… oh yea!

Nice day out after some wacky morning fog burnt off…. looked like there was a fire or something when I got back from my run. Not long after, just after breakfast, there was a power outage too, lots of fun. Sat around reading for a bit, then started cleaning. Lucky for me the power came back on around then.

Did a presentation on RAID (which I’ve been yapping about for a while now) at the local LUG last night. It went pretty well, though it was slow due to lots of questions. In the end I think people learnt something. After that Cuv did a presentation on the new stuff in Postgres which was very cool, lots of stuff I didn’t know it did, and I’m thinking of moving all my stuff back from MySQL (again).

The presentation are available at in both Openoffice and powerpoint format. Cuv has his presentation here. I made some minor changes to my stuff, added in some things that were missed originally but were brought up in discussion afterwards.

Oh, and wave to raskal, doing the journal thing again.