Day 0.25

Yesterday I went into the place that I’ll be for a while to do a meet and greet with the main programmer there, J. He’s a decent guy with wild hair that makes me think a haircut was completely un-needed. I got a good feel for what the project will entail and how it is all being used. It’s a decent setup, I’ll be using Embedded Perl 2 on an Apache 2 server, with decent source control and postgres what not. What surprised me the most was that J isn’t a programmer by trade, but someone who was sort of thrown into it. He said that it would be nice to have someone who has done a lot of perl in, which was a nice ego boost for me. From what I can see of the project though, he’s done a pretty decent job so far. I’m looking foward to this.

I get to go and meet with the SEP program guy to see if this contract actually qualifies as a contract, and how it affects me and the Self Employment Program. From what I’ve seen it shouldn’t, but who knows. If I’m not hurting for moola, I don’t mind, but extra money to cover expenses is always appreciated ya know?