Things Done During the Day

Things I accomplished today:

  • Cleaned my desk off of cat hair, papers, gunk and grime
  • Ditto for my shelf
  • Cleaned out my wallet of old receipts, using space cleared by above cleaning
  • Got my business accounting up to date, with the appropriate forms printed out for my meeting with the SEP accounting mentor tomorrow
  • Got work done on the ASP site
  • Watched KDE 3.1rc6 compile (been doing so since about 11pm last night)
  • Started re-acquiring my music collection
  • Started organizing said collection on my massive drive
  • Cleaned the litter box out, discovering that sometimes cats say “thankyou” by taking a big smelly dump in the newly cleaned box, and then kicking litter all over the newly swept floor
  • Finished off leftovers for lunch
  • Worked on getting rid of the chocolate from Christmas (it’s a hard job but someone has to do it)
  • Answered a phone survey for some random church, theorized that bad press might be a reason for people not to go to church
  • Clipped fingernails
  • Moved my meeting with work around as to let me stay here and get the above done

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