Asked to leave… for a T-Shirt

Things like this story in Derek’s blog scare the hell out of me. Not because of the fact that the guy was asked to leave, and then removed by police, from the mall. The mall is a private place and they have a right to remove anyone they damn well please, for any reason. However, I’d think that when someone is asked to leave it would be for a good reason. This guy was removed because he was wearing a T-shirt that said “Give Peace a Chance” (which was bought at the mall apparently).


In this world that has gone to hell in a handbasket, with kids taking out their classmates, poverty, malnutrition, and people dying out on the streets because they don’t have enough to eat, or clothes to keep them warm in the cold, someone is kicked out of the mall because they had a T-shirt advocating peace on. I swear I don’t know what this place is coming to lately. Are people in New York that eager for more bloodshed? Granted, they have a bit more to be pissed off about than the rest of us, but hey, if you’re that dead set against peace why not go after the guy who is selling the shirts, he’s probably the enemy on the war on “terra”, and should be strung up in a good ol’ fashioned lynching!

All I can say is “wow”, and I have to go to work now. The original story can be found here.

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