Warmongering and Idiot Polititions

Oh just get it over already, I’m sick and friggin’ tired of all the chest thumping, posturing, and complete and total bullshit that is being thrown around about war. I’m not for war, war is always a bad thing, but the crap that’s going on just makes me hope they start so they can get it over with.

First theirs the US warmonger moron. Then there’s the Evil Leader of the Axis of Evil, Osama… erhm… we mean, Saddam. The US accuses Iraq of destroying their missles as an act of deciet. Iraq says that if the US is going to attack them anyway, they are going to stop destroying missles, giving the US a great excuse to go and say “hey, they’re not destroying their missles!” They are all morons I tell you.

Apparently since they agreed to destroy missles, Iraq has been increasing production of missles, so their net result is an increase. This is unsubstanciated, word of mouth, but I wouldn’t doubt it. It seems that Cretien grew a set as well, telling Bush off for saying they should not only disarm Iraq by force, but also change regiems. I don’t remember much history, but from what I understand that didn’t work well the last time the US tried.

I remember when the first Gulf War (aka, Dubbya’s Daddies failure) started. I was downstairs in my parents place working on a model airplane when my mom came down in close to tears, saying that they were at war, and how they were all idiots. Since mom was an unwilling very close spectator to the second world war in Germany, she knows as well as anyone under the age of 60 how bad war really is.

On a lighter note, someone passed along this hilarious apology letter from Canada to the US.