Crashing Frontpage 2000

Nifty, I can reliably crash Frontpage 2000!

Working in it under Windows XP I have FP2k open with the webserver that I’m working on open on it. I open up the file style.css, close the lame little menu thingy that pops up, move to the bottom of the file. I copy text from a Mozilla 1.3 browser with my Movabletype template editor open. The text is just some stylesheet code:

A {
color: #326598;
/* font-family: verdana, arial, sans-serif;
font-size:10px; */
text-decoration: none;
A:link { color: #326598; text-decoration: none; }
A:active { color: #326598; }
A:visited { color: #777777; }
A:hover { color: #FFF; background: #326598 }

I paste it into the editor fine, but as soon as I hit Ctrl-S to save and I get this error.

At first it was sort of amusing, I thought that it was something that could be done away with by copying the text to notepad first, then into FP, but it appears not. Maybe I’ll have to resort to the old “reboot” solution and see if that helps.

Update: My bad, it seems that FP2k will crash anytime I save that one particular page. Even after a reboot. Yay Microsoft. No wonder this happened (ok, it’s not actually related, just another thing to laugh/bitch at microsoft about).

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  1. I’ve been having the same prob with FP2000. Works fine on Win98 box. Crashes on XP Pro. Saving a style sheet or modifying an old one (created on Win98) same crash msgs. Any luck with a solution, anyone?

  2. Same prob here, with FP2000 (dutch version) on XP Home (also dutch). Never had probs with FP2000 on Win2000 Pro.

  3. I applied SP-3 patch to Office 2000 SP-1 – it’s now SP-3.
    The problem appears to have disappeared!! No more crashes.

  4. I have had the same issue and applying SP-3 hasn’t solved it.
    Microsoft Support tell me that its a “known problem”. Whilst they couldn’t offer a fix they were helpful and suggest this workaround:
    Make all CSS modifications necessary but do not save the file. Using the HTML tab copy the HTML of the CSS file and paste it into Notepad. Use Notepad to save the CSS file.

  5. HAHA! I get the same stupid error.. and I don’t even use FrontPage. I was testing it for a student, who is taking a course on FP2K. I suppose the best answer is to simply paste it into notepad and save it from there…

  6. The workaround worked for me. I really appreciate finding these postings. I’d still be stuck on this “known issue” tomorrow night if it weren’t for you guys. And if it’s so “known”, how come it’s not on the Microsoft sight?

  7. Hey! The workaround worked for me too. It took me a while to find any documentation on this problem, though. Thanks for the help.

  8. I have just started using FrontPage 2002 with Windows XP Pro. Every time I try to edit a web template the program crashes. I did copy a word page into FP2002 and it did not crash.
    One posting suggested getting rid of all null values. This seems rather lame. Is there a fix for this?

  9. I’ve got the same stupid FrontPage problems. I often have to keep kicking myself because I forget to go through Notepad or create a new page in Folder view and then paste into it, and FP crashes and I’ve lost my work. I have SP3 installed, up to date on officeupdate. Very annoying. Definitely a bug.

  10. I get a crash when going to save as. Ive never had this annoying problem in all the time ive had FP and it just suddenly started to crash when saved as. And also when you try to save an existing file…

  11. I have WinXP and Win Server 2003
    I paid for both and paid for Office 2000 pro
    Frontpage crashes whether you apply SP3 or not
    I have a flash counter on a page, when i try to edit in html view, frontpage slows down and crashes with no prompts
    What the heck.
    I will pay money to pyrates to sink microsoft software

  12. Useful tip there… saving .css file using Notepad instead of FP2000.
    I’ll stick to editing stylesheets in Notepad in future.. will save alot of hassle
    thanks guys

  13. Can anyone help. I have frontpage 2000 and xp pro. I have been using this on an old xp. now I have now updated to the latest xp pro and the hover buttons have stopped working in frontpage and my web pages. I can find no reason for this.

  14. Recently installed XP Pro and reloaded FP2K (before it was on Win2K Pro). My FP does not crash but when I attemp to change a single page with a style sheet link it changes all pages. I have a large website with several CSS pages and have spent a lot of time correcting before realizing I needed to do CSS in Notepad. All the suggestions above have not worked. I too would like to get away from FP but have not found an editor that is as quick as FP when laying out a table and clicking publish.