Oh god, I’m turning into Engel or foz… I’ve been dreaming about macs, thinking about macs, and lusting over macs for the last few days. Dude from possiblenewjob mentioned that the developers have/use iBooks and they have some “spare” iMacs (the gumdrop kind) piled up, the guys here said they can get a G3 powermac for wholesale, something like $500 and I almost blew an artery. I want one!

I’m not sure why I want one, but I do, but I’m not going to pay $2,000 for a new one, or hell, $1,200 for a G3 from the local store. So if anyone is upgrading, knows of a cheap deal, or even has an old gumdrop they want to give away (or sell really cheap because it’s old and decrepid), feel free to tell me.

Maybe I’ll go and register maclust.(net|org), sadly some cocknocker is squatting on

6 Comments on “MacLust”

  1. You are not the only one dude. I want to buy a good notebook with OSX it isn’t funny. The prices are just to unreasonable right now. BSD or not… its just not worth it…. yet.

  2. I would LOVE to get a Mac again, and have even contemplated saving up for a new Mac instead of a new PC. Since I grew up on an Apple, I am a bit biased, but still they’re 20x better than XP.

  3. Having just spent the last several hours trying to write some HTML on a mac keyboard….. hold off on that lust! 😉
    Thank the gods I’m getting a PC on monday.

  4. Ick, mac periferals! I’d upgrade my kvm to something with three or more inputs (currently has 2) and use my current keyboard. Hell, I’d buy a new keyboard before using the chicklet thing 🙂

  5. Darren, there is this new invention called “USB” that allows you to plug in keyboards other than the one that Apple supplies you. Also, you can plug in a multi-button mouse that has a scroll! 🙂

  6. Linux is dead!Join the NEW revolution
    Be a MacHead!! (don’t bother looking at that domain, … another squatter!)