Moore at the Oscars

Well I missed most of the Oscars last night. I tuned in for about 18 seconds total, the first time to see a bunch of old wrinkly actors being shown in front of the camera, and the second to catch the presentation of the best picture, and only saw enough of it to see that I only recognized one of the flims in the list (Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) and hadn’t even heard of more than one of the others. TTT didn’t win, so I turned it off, or back to the hockey game. I’m a little sad that I missed Michael Moore’s speech blasting all that the Americans hold dear, and probably bringing up a few things they’d rather not think about in the middle of an orgy of famous rich people congratulating each other. Some, but not all were impressed with the insertion of a political speech in the middle of the awards show. I’m guessing that he was the only one that said anything, because that’s the only person I’ve heard about who did anything vaugly political this time. I must get the picture from the front page of the Vancouver Sun.

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  1. Please remove your head from your ass: “blasting all that the Americans hold dear,” Excuse me, but we hold many things dear, one being freedom of speech. Moore had his platform and used it, and the audience gave him their freedom of speech.
    They booed him off stage.
    I am quite sure we Americans hold a few things more dear to us than a fat pompous man can pick on. Moore’s speech took a slant to his personal agenda, which is to attack the Republican party in the United States after the 2000 election defeat for the presidency. Even worse for Moore was the 2002 election, where his precious democratic agenda took it on the chin.
    He is still sore Gore lost in 2000.
    ‘Ficticious’ is what he produces…stories and twisted tales of his perception of America.
    You watch my friend, Michael Moore will play this into a movie of some sort, and try to profit out of what he claims to disbelieve.
    Celebrities are like pirhannas for attention, and Michael Moore will suck the life out of this…then do something else to maintain his ‘celebrity’ status.
    In my opinion, his status is that of an ass.

  2. It just happened. Michael Moore released he will be making a movie, Farenheit 9-11, and will defame George Bush’s family by trying to link a connection to Osama Bin Laden, “I will show how Bush plotted with Osama Bin Laden to push his agenda through.”
    And what, Moore, are you doing by creating a lie such as this? Sounds like you are trying to push your agenda on the public.
    Fuck Michael Moore

  3. I thought the comments about Michael Moore being booed offstage were interesting. What in fact happened was that the microphones for the audience were turned off. Microphones backstage had been turned on, and consequently what was broadcast on national television was the reactions of those employed by the network.
    The network is a corporation, and is therefore at the mercy of the Government. Consequently, it is not too far fetched that the tech crew was instructed ahead of time to boo him.
    How would they know Michael Moore would do something like this, you may ask. Well for one, he is a very political man. He would probably take the opportunity to make such a speech. Or perhaps an even more obvious reason would be because he made THE SAME EXACT SPEECH the night before at the Independent Spirit Awards. At that award ceremony, however, the crowd delivered thunderous applause. Quite an interesting contrast to his reception at the Oscars, which had many of the same audience members.
    Of course Michael Moore is pushing an agenda. Who isn’t? But George W. Bush led us into a war for mere speculation. His strongest excuse was that Iraq funded the 9/11 attacks. SO DID BUSH!!! We gave 275 million dollars in “aid” to Bin Laden’s group. So Michael Moore is pushing an agenda, just like Bush. But Michael Moore’s agenda will not lead to a war claiming (already) the lives of 6,000 innocent victims (as wars tend to do…this number is from European media, which does not censor its media through corporate bullying).
    So say “fuck michael moore” and “that of an ass”. It is exactly what Bush wants. What is a democracy if we can’t have opposition?

  4. do you not have to actually win an election for it to be a democracy?
    Michael Moore used to have a programme on BBC in the early nineties. It was one of the best programmes of the time.
    Michael Moore is one of the good guys and he is merely trying to point out to most americans that all is not what it seems.

  5. Roy and Dave here need to get a office and start a think tank. I’m sure some real great crap will come out of that venture.

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