Not A Blog

Regardless of the fact that this journal is at the URL of “blog”, and the category of this entry is “BLOGStuff, I still agree with hitherto : not a damn blog. This page originally started as an online extension of a personal diary/journal, and is still that in my mind, even if the style or writing and entering has changed over the years. I don’t agree wtih the comment about movabletype though. It’s nice to have management software, and I’ve hand coded my site from 1996 until november of 2002, and this is much nicer. Granted, you have a bit less freedom, but a management system allows you do some interesting things, and do them more easily.

One Comment on “Not A Blog”

  1. In order for “Personal Publishing” to win, “Blog” must lose – NOT

    I remember what should be a famous quote, but when I go searching for it, I can’t find it. Back in the mid 1990s when Steve Jobs made his famous announcement of Microsoft investing in Apple he said something like “We must give up the idea that in…