Survivor Thoughts

Robin had a great review of Survivor on her site. Pretty much how I feel, and pretty accurate. I’ve been avoiding it since the first season, but I have $10 riding on Jenna (the swimsuit model) in the office pool, and winning $150 or whatever is enough to keep me watching. It seems like my girl might get pretty far too, I’d like her to beat the older “girl power” chick who is taking the “women are strong, they are underestimating us” thing a wee bit too far. I’m also rooting for Rob, the computer programmer who yes, really really really needs to get some nooky. I could rant more about the people there but like I said, it’s already been done.

Update NSLog() has good thoughts (and funny ones) on the last episode. My favorite quote:

He tells a tale of a failed threesome of his own and Heidi, what the fuck? Heidi says “You can be amazed at how many girls, if you said that’s what you wanted to do, how quickly it would happen