US Like Nazis?

A post that Derek made points to an interesting article which basically equates the rationale of the US (“We have to attack them to defend ourselves before they attack us”) to that which the nazis used, and which was shot down, during the Nuremberg trials.

To quote:

[…] a nation may act in self-defense only in cases of “an instant and overwhelming necessity” was only incidentally about timing. More fundamentally, it was about alternatives and the need to avoid war until there was “no choice of means.” But as proposals recently vetted in Europe make clear, there remain other ways to increase the pressure on the Iraqi regime to disarm. Time is not yet of the essence. With hundreds of inspectors now on the ground, it is difficult to see how any Iraqi threat can mature into a vital danger to U.S. security.

The article concludes that while right now only Bush’s inner circle may know the truth of the “evidence” they have (my theory is they can see that biological weapons they sold to Iraq are missing from the manifest delivered to the UN), and there is no way for the public to judge from themselves, but history will.

Personally there is a lot of shit that is like something out of a bad political comedy. People proposing that bodies of US soldiers be returned home from France, the whole “freedom fries thing…. I keep on thinking I’m going to wake up in some Peter Sellers movie.

I’m glad to see that not all Americans are crazy. Out of a tiny data-set I found one person adamently for the war, going with the “one drop of anthrax/we’re on top of their hit list/are you ignoring Collin Powells evidence?” argument, and one who agreed that Bush is a complete and utter moron (this guy however, has a Walter PPK, a Russian assault rifle, and a shotgun in his closet, and his wife has a colt handgun… more on that later though 🙂

Well, Bush is going to be giving an address at the same time as the hockey game, so I’ll flip between the two on the radio driving home. If what I heard was accurate he’ll say that Saddam has to step down right now or they are going to war (some Iraqi soldiers apparently thought the war already started, and wanted to get it over with).

Time to move to armpit Nunavut to hide out for a while.

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