Making Tomcat Purr

Last night I actually got a couple of things off my stack of “todo”s instead of on them. I picked up yet another server from JP of the design company to get the user interface that some company they deal with wants off. Aside from a trip to Surrey being involved, it was good. I got home, grabbed the data off, and emailed it off to him. Job done, server goes in the closet until there are no more questions and I can give it back.

Second big success was getting Tomcat running. It turns out that the install instructions that came with the Jones software was wrong, or at least, not completely accurate (either that or something has changed in either apache, Tomcat or Java since the docs came out. End result: with JDK 1.3.1 (as in the instructions) Tomcat won’t start and fails on an error about not being able to find org/sax or something like that. Putting a JAR with those files in the $CLASSPATH causes it to die on a NullPointerException. Put in JDK 1.4.1 and suddently Tomcat will start up!

Now the rest of the procedure to get Jones up and going should be easy. FIngers crossed. Anyway, the todo pile just got a little bit smaller.