Some Good Stuff

Discovered stupid evil bastard today, and he’s got some good stuff for perusal. First off is the good question of where are those pesky WMDs? A good question, one that is still seen on the news pages, but the stories are along the lines of “Iraqi WMD can still get into terrorists’ hands” and “hunt intensifies for WMDs”. I agree with this guy on and his predictions of GWB and co rewriting history as to why they went into Iraq in the first place (which has already started a bit I think).

A second brilliant post is about spam recieved that is a variation on the nigerian scam except this time it’s a homeless young christian who has found (been “arrested by”) God and a computer apparently. The part that interested me was the comment at the end:

I wonder how many

2 Comments on “Some Good Stuff”

  1. Thanks for the kind words though I do have a minor context correction. The statement is actually “I wonder how many ‘good’ Christians do fall for this scam, though.” Sort of a non-question question. I don’t mean to imply that all Christians fall for it, but as you point out it does push the right buttons.