Merilus Photos

Coolness, scoobyd found some pictures from the days at Merilus and was kind enough to get them in a gallery online. Good to see some of the old gang again, if only in pictures.

5 Comments on “Merilus Photos”

  1. Now that you mention it, no, I’m not sure. Maybe that five years of my life was just a dream. There are a lot of pictures of non-merilus people there as well, wonder what they did to bump me out of my 15 min of fame and glory?

  2. well, had you participated some more in some of the extra activities (other than Friday’s) wee did you would get your 15 minutes of fame as well!!!! 😛
    I’m hoping to one day get my video camera out and take some stills from that, I have some good shots of all of us during our Friday activity ( volleyball and soccer )

  3. I do have those other pictures of you Arc but you said to never show them to anyone?