Driving Rants

Just a couple of things that have really pissed me off in the last couple of days.

  • Just because you have your hazard lights on does not give you the right to stop in front of the no stopping signs. Especially on one way streets that aren’t wide enough to begin with. Unless you are driving a policecar, firetruck, ambulance, or some other vehicle with lights on the roof, or it’s a nice wide road so that people like me don’t get stopped behind you trying to squeeze their cars in between yours and the sidewalk, obey the damn signs!
  • I pull onto the freeway into the slow lane around 80 (km/h for you non-metric people out there), see there is an opening in the fast lane and pull into that at 100 (the posted limit) to immediately slam on my brakes because some asshole has decided that 79 is too slow and he’s going to pull is big slow lumbering truck full of plastic pipes into the fast lane so he can go around the asshat in front of him (a slightly bigger, uglier, slower lumbering truck).

    When I finally get around that guy I managed to speed up for a total of about 18 seconds before some lady decided that her exit was really close by and she just had to slow down to pull into the right lane behind yet another random lumbering truck. I’m not sure about where these people learnt to drive, but I learned that you try to piss off other people on the road as little as possible. She had about a kilometer and half before her exit, and she had to slow down to below 80 to pull into the right lane, pissing me and the line of drivers behind me from the first idiot off. It’s not like her relatively new Jetta wouldn’t have managed to pull ahead of the truck into the big wide open area either.

A wonderful start to a wonderful morning. Wonder if my RAM is here today so I can use more than one terminal and browser window.

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