Survivor 6, Jenna Wins

Good wrap up Erik!

The only thing with this last survivor (I haven’t watched it since the first one) is how do you choose the winner? Do you do it on who played the game best, who was the nicest perso, who needs the money most, who do you like better….. It’s such an open ended thing now that “the game” is exposed. In Survivor 1 it seemed that the sneaky bastards were punished for being sneaky and backstabbing (before people realized it was a game, not a popularity contest or in fact, anything that has to do with the real world at all), and this one the sneaky bastards (Rob in particular) got rewarded.

Jenna also winning was a bit of a shocker, in a way she was right about her Beauty being a “handicap”, when I got her in the office pool and found out she was a swimsuit model my first thought was “oh lord, there goes my $10”, but in the end she made it to #1, so the end result is I won! Now I just hope the fact I’m not working there anymore doesn’t affect things 🙂